Some rules for the kitchen

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Some rules for the kitchen

G Plus News | July 25, 2018 16:03 hrs

The kitchen is one of the most important segments of a house from where the entire family or household gets the required nourishment. So Vaastu has given utmost importance to the kitchen and laid down certain rules. A defective kitchen will always cast a wrong spell on the users. As the lady of the house is the chief user of the kitchen, any Vaastu defect will have effect on her first.

1. Never keep the place of worship or puja inside the kitchen. Those having it in the kitchen will always have lots of tension.

2. There should not be a toilet next to the kitchen. The negative energy from the toilet gets into the kitchen and it will induce fights among family members.

3. The lady of the house or any other member should not use the kitchen without taking a bath. It is unhygienic besides deemed inauspicious by Vaastu Shastra.

4. The kitchen should not be placed directly in front of the main door. This is not considered auspicious and it lacks privacy. Negative energy may enter directly from the main door.

5. It is customary to offer the first portion of the meal to God. Ladies are advised to offer the first cooked roti (bread) to cattle. This reduces the wrath of Vaastu.

6. Needless to say, the kitchen must be located at southeast, which is the direction of the fire element.

Remove these items from the South

Vaastu marks south as the most inauspicious direction as Lord Yama resides in this direction. The south is also ruled by Mars which may cast evil spells. Vaastu forbids certain items or features to be kept at south:  

1.  Do not keep the clock at south. This is said to invite death and diseases.

2. The fridge represents the water element. The south is ruled by the fire element. So the fridge should not be kept at south. However it can be kept at southwest as it makes this direction heavy.

3. Underground water bodies are forbidden at south. This brings loss of wealth and problems for female members. So do not dig wells, bore wells, pits or ponds at south.

Don’t do these things in the morning

The morning shows the day. A mistake made in the morning can affect the entire day adversely. According to Vaastu Shastra, the following mistakes should not be committed in the morning so that the day is not spoilt:

1. One should not see his/her face in the mirror immediately after waking up. This casts negative effects on the person for the whole day. It is best to look at both the palms after waking up and thank or pray to God. It is also good to look at the rising sun and offer water.

2. It is not good to call the name of any pet animal before taking breakfast. While getting down from the bed, get down from the right side. The Romans also believed that it was inauspicious to get down from the bed from the left side.

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