SoundCloud Sensation from Assam, Axl Hazarika releases controversial EDM music video

SoundCloud Sensation from Assam, Axl Hazarika releases controversial EDM music video

G Plus News | January 03, 2019 12:25 hrs

Axl Hazarika, an Assamese experimental artist, who has been leading India on SoundCloud’s Global Trance Top 10 Charts has released his new music video, ‘Neta Song.’ The video is an attempt to troll corrupt politicians of our society. 

The video is directed by Hazarika and has already gone viral on Facebook by becoming the first music video from Assam to get approximately 270 million views within 24 hours. 

The song is from the EDM genre, which is big in the international scene right now. The lyrics of the song were compiled after an online contest was held on Instagram and Twitter and young people on the social platforms came up with random words for the song. This is the reason the song contains some unparliamentary words such as ‘Ghanta’ and ‘Aalbaal’ and more. The words were not censored in the internet version of the song after consultation from veteran filmmakers in Assam.   

Hazarika is an experimental music artist from northeast India and has recently become the first and the first and only Indian artist to rank in SoundCloud Top 10 Global Trance music charts & Billboard music charts. He is also credited with the first animation video - Hum Badal Gaye from northeast India officially certified and censored by the Central Board of Film Certification, India and the first 3D animation video from Assam, The Blind Dog. 

The Assamese music video, ‘Goru Bihu Song,’ directed by Axl Hazarika has been selected to be screened at the 47th Sehsüchte, that happened from 25th until 29th April’ 2018 at the Film University Babelsberg, Konrad Wolf housed at Babelsberg Film Studio.

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