The Clowns Have A Story To Tell!

Thursday, 09 April 2020

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The Clowns Have A Story To Tell!

Sattyakee D’com Bhuyan  | April 28, 2018 15:40 hrs

It’s a wordless theatre and circus performance for all the audiences where two clowns tell a story where comedy, love and thoughts are shared without words. Circus stunts and music give shape to a performance in which circus becomes poetry.

As a part of their World Tour the trio landed in Guwahati for a splendid house full performance in Royal Global School on April 21 2018 both for the students and faculty and a special evening performance for the theatre lovers of the city in collaboration with the D’ Passion Collective, Guwahati.

In their own words, “Mandragora Circus, in itself is a non-verbal comedy and is the love story of two clowns.”  I personally feel that it’s not very common to hear the laughter of children these days in live performances especially theatre – which in itself is a sad story. Clowning brings a different light to bear on the darker side of our imagination and dreams. 

The mesmerizing cast comprises Mariana Silva alongside Juan Cruz Bracamonte who also doubles up as the director and designer of the production. The technical support is managed ably by Andrea Díaz pantomimes only.  Mandragora Circo features circus stunts, aerial acrobatics, music and unconventional instruments, prompting the audience to imagine situations, conflicts and their solutions. I totally agree that being a clown is more than a state, it is a movement, a dynamic process - it is even a two way movement: feet on the ground and head in the clouds. It is this duality which facilitates the emergence of the imagination.

Likewise, within the performance their gestures allow the audience to imagine situations, conflicts and solutions. A performance which is delicate, presented with a touch of comedy, is an attractive story which children and adults alike can enjoy. Moreover, the universal language seen in their performance draws audiences into their spectacular enactment.

Mandragora Circus premiered in Trelew, Chubut Patagonia Argentina in 2003. Since then this show has been presented in various theatres and festivals over 13 years of touring and performing globally.  Moreover, in this hilarious comedy gestures allow children and likewise adults to explore the meaning and develop their imagination. Moreover, let’s all agree that  it’s  in clowning that we rediscover the same child-like sense of playfulness which allows us, with fear and pleasure, to open the door to our imagination.

These multidisciplinary artists have performed all over the world, from Argentina and Alaska to parts of Europe and the Middle East. In India, they have performed in Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Hampi.

The skilled trio, over the past eight years, has toured more than 43 countries making a mark wherever they have stopped with their “Clowning Glory”. A performance not to be missed! 

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