The philosophy of fashion

Monday, 18 January 2021


The philosophy of fashion

Nafisa Tasnem Habib | November 13, 2018 16:10 hrs

From the very beginning when the world started to evolve in sense of fashion, it delineated every bit of minute modifications that spurred up with some eminent personalities. It was with this escalating burgeon factor that was accentuated everywhere. Trends of mix and match got prevalent once started, in fact sportswear got associated with the upgradation of fashion. Traditional designs got its platform on international ramps. 

The world is the raw form from which the thesaurus of art and culture is derived. Like other industries have its own fusion fashion industry is just the apex to limn it. From north to south, east to west everything gives a kaleidoscopic view of the world! As rightly quoted "Beauty is a short lived tyranny" but when it comes to fashion it comes to us thousand times, in thousand different faces and lives thereafter.

Fashion industry has widened up to include new ideas and ways for attracting youth. Pseudo fashion hubs has also given many opportunities to people from different background and with various skills to get a glance of what fashion is all about . It gives courses to develop personality as well so as to burn the ramps. Designing is also a great part of it. 

Fashion and lifestyle industry has to face many challenges as it needs to be omni-present may it be media or what not so as to create its own league. It tries to vogue up as to compete in the competition of sustainability with its dynamic character. New hubs of fashion related works have increased the nexus among people of different background and skills.

"Fashion is everything one carries so as to procure everything the way it needs to be".

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