Vaastu for Diwali preparations

Wednesday, 08 July 2020


Vaastu for Diwali preparations

G Plus News | November 03, 2018 22:07 hrs

As Diwali is approaching, people have started cleaning their houses, shops and business establishments. Some apply a fresh or new coat of paint to the walls. While doing this, one has to be careful not to neglect the Vaastu rules for colours according to their directions. Every colour has its own significance and effect and ignoring this fact can spell Vaastu disasters.

The yellow colour plays a big role in Indian culture and it is used widely. You will notice that most of the Indian foods have the yellow colour dominating unlike western cuisine which is more or less white with lot of green. Light yellow colour is very good for the exterior of the house as well as the master bedroom. It is specially recommended for rooms at southeast.

The north is responsible for wealth and prosperity. Green colour is recommended at north which is ruled by Lord Kuber and Mercury.

Light aquamarine and blue are best for the northeast. White or light green should be used at east.

Since the southeast is ruled by the fire element, light orange, pink or yellow can be used.

The northwest is ruled by the moon. So, silver, white and light cream are best at northwest. The south being ruled by Mars and being a very potent direction, red and yellow are suitable. Blue and white are recommended at west. While light or pastel colours are recommended for the walls of rooms, deep and dark colours are recommended for doors, windows and their frames.

Shopping and purchases for home are one of the main features during this festive season. It starts from the Navratri and continues till Diwali through Durga Puja and Dusshera. This period is very auspicious for new purchases. People even buy new cars, bikes, furniture, land or houses in this period. There are some Vaastu rules for buying furniture.

Saturdays, Tuesdays and Amavasya (no moon) should be avoided while buying new furniture.

Furniture should be made from timber of good and sacred trees like Sesame, Sal, Chandan (Sandal), Mango etc.

While buying or making furniture, it should be noted so that there are no sharp edges. They send poison arrows or negative energy. Sharp edges should be rounded. Light colours or polish should be used on furniture.

Black or dark colours absorb energy and reduce positive energy in the house.

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