Vaastu for the main door

Monday, 30 March 2020


Vaastu for the main door

G Plus News | June 15, 2018 15:57 hrs

1. Make the main door of a home the largest door.

2. A two shuttered main door opening inside and clockwise is auspicious.

3. Use good quality wood for main entrance.

4. Make sure that main door is noise-free while opening or closing.

5. Always keep the entrance well lit with bright lights.

6. Fix a name plate on the entrance of a home; this attracts prosperity, wealth and happiness. The name plate should not be allowed to wear out or become illegible.

7. Have a threshold at main door; it makes sure that you avoid loss of wealth.

8. Always have some beautiful design and paint on the main door.

9. Main door must be above ground level and not below.

10. If there is an exit door, make it smaller than the entrance one.

11. Locate entrance at least a foot away from any corner i.e., it should start from the corner.

12. Rectify cracked or broken main doors.

13. It is very good to have a religious symbol over the main entrance like the aum or Ganesha.

14. Make sure that total number of door and windows in a house are even (e.g. 2, 4, 6, 8 etc.) and not end with 0 (such as 10, 20, 30 etc.)

Avoid these for the main door:

1. Avoid slanting, sliding or circular opening entrances.

2. Avoid having main door facing directly to another home’s main entrance.

3. Avoid main door directly facing a compound wall.

4. Avoid underground tank, septic tank etc under a home’s main door.

5. Avoid any shadows on main door especially shadows of other buildings, plants etc.

6. Don’t keep shoes in front of main entrance, keep them on one side.

7. Don’t keep garbage or dustbin near main entrance as they emit negative energy.

8. Avoid a mirror in front of the main door.

9. Avoid automatically closing main doors.

10. Avoid main entrance facing intersecting roads.

11. Avoid main door at centre of any wall.

12. Avoid black colour for main door.

13. There should not be a temple or any other religious place directly in front of main entrance.

14. Avoid obstructing things like poles, trees, wires etc in front of main entrance.

15. Avoid arched windows and doors as they distort positive energy pattern.

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