Vaastu of cabinets

Vaastu of cabinets

G Plus News | November 13, 2018 15:18 hrs

Cabinets and wardrobes are built to store items and clothes so that things do not lie scattered. In many houses and offices, they are missing and you can see clutter all around.

A cluttered room is not only an eyesore but it also creates Vaastu defects. A disorganized bedroom will distort the energy of the area and peace will be disturbed. So almirahs or wardrobes should be provided to keep things in order. Vaastu has laid down certain rules when placing wardrobes in the bedroom.

1.    The south-west direction is ideal for placing bedroom wardrobes or cabinets or cupboards. The south and west are other directions. If not possible, the north-west is another suitable direction. But a heavy almirah should be always placed either on the south or the west wall.

2.    The wardrobes should not touch the walls and should be placed at least three inches away from the wall. This is to avoid the obstruction of the flow of positive energy.

3.    Almirahs should be placed in such a way that their doors open towards the east or the north direction.

4.    Always use light colours are for cabinets. Black or deep colours absorb energy.

5.    Go for normal shapes of furniture like square or rectangle and avoid unbalanced shapes such as oval, circle or triangle. Use regular materials for the cabinets or cupboards such as wood instead of marble or other stones. Steel cabinets are not recommended inside the house

6.    Many wardrobes have mirrors fitted. The mirrors should not reflect the person sleeping on the bed as it attracts negative energies which can affect the health. Avoid mirrors at south and west.

Vaastu of calendars

The calendar is indispensable in our life to know the dates, week or months of a particular year. It also indicates important events like festivals or holidays. Some calendars are so beautifully printed that people hang them on the wall for decorative purpose even when the year has ended. With the advent of mobile phones, dates can be seen digitally in our fingertips only. Many wrist watches also provide this facility of displaying the date besides the time. Still calendars are popular with people and at least one wall or table calendar can be seen in everyone’s house. While keeping wall calendars in the home, it is necessary to know the possible consequences of Vaastu if they are placed in the wrong directions.

Calendars are either placed on desks or hung on a wall. According to Vaastu Shastra, calendars are like clocks and serve as indicators of time. So, the same rules apply to both these objects. Many hang calendars on the door unknowingly. Vaastu prohibits the placement of calendars on the front or back side of the doors.

Directions for hanging calendars

The ideal directions for placing a calendar are the north, the north-east, the east or the west walls of the house. They should never be hung in the south direction as it can bring bad luck or stagnation and may affect health of family members. Remember that the south is ruled by Yama, the Lord of death.

Few dos and don'ts 

• The drawing room is the best place to hang a calendar.

• Old and Outdated calendars should not be left hanging in the room. They can be a source of depleting energies and can hinder progress in your lives.

• Do not use calendars with pictures that spread negativity such as violence or sadness. 

Avoid calendars having pictures of ferocious animals or war. Always choose calendars with pleasant pictures such as greenery or fountain for the north direction. It is very auspicious to have the picture of a rising sun in the east.

• The calendars on the desk or the walls are not visible from main entrance of the house. This can disturb the flow of positive energies.

• Pictures of greenery and water are auspicious at north.

• Pictures of flowers and trees are lucky at east as per Feng Shui.

• Calendars can also be kept at west and northwest for success. But they should not have any picture of water.

• It is good to have a calendar with a picture of a mountain behind your back in the office. It provides support. But avoid it if you are sitting facing the north.

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