Vaastu tips you can follow for a prosperous New Year

Saturday, 05 December 2020


Vaastu tips you can follow for a prosperous New Year

Hemanta Kumar Sarmah | December 30, 2017 17:13 hrs

Preparations are on all over the world, China being an exception, to welcome the New Year. The Chinese New Year starts from 16th February this year. There are parties, events, food festivals, picnic, sightseeing etc being planned by people. Some of them are great success while some are not and just become a drab affair. By following some Vaastu rules and by adding certain items, the chances of success for these celebrations can be augmented several fold.

•    Place a mirror in your dining room to make your table appear larger. Put a wind chime on the ceiling in your work area to attract wisdom and good energy. 

•    Place all your valuables such as your jewellery boxes, safes, or piggy banks in the far left corner of the bedroom. 

•    In your living room, hang a clear, round crystal on an 18 inch red cord in the far left corner to give your wealth a boost.

•    Just by changing the position of your bed, the energy pattern in the room can be changed. Place your bed in a Commanding Position. The Command Position is when the position of the bed provides the widest view of the room and is supported by a solid wall. The more you can see, the safer you feel. 

•    Celebrate the positivity in your life. You can even enjoy the small things in life without necessarily going for the big ones. People can be happy with very little provided they are positive.

•    Focus on your relationships. Concentrate on the areas which aren’t working and focus on those that are. Our thinking and behaviour are very powerful and a little change here and there is enough to change the quality of your relationship.

•    We must be grateful. Write an affirmation focused on gratitude and appreciation on a lovely piece of paper and then plant that paper in the soil of a plant, preferably in an open area. When you water that plant, visualize the positive in your life growing stronger, more resilient and abundant.

•    Give some quality time to yourself. Treat yourself during this special time to a massage, a dress which you have been wanting to wear, maybe a nice dinner or something exclusive just for you.

•    Making a wish or resolution is highly recommended in the New Year.

•    Burn a candle if you're home on New Year’s Eve. Blow it out, close to midnight, with your wishes and intentions for the New Year in place.

•    Keep the main door open for time to usher in the fresh energy of the New Year. Open the front door at midnight or just before you go to bed. It may be cold but allowing the new energy to flow in at the most auspicious time is a must. It travels through the house and energises everything else that you have done.

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