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What is the Secret to having the most Beautiful House in town?

G Plus Feature | April 18, 2018 16:21 hrs

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A house and a home is an amalgamation of different ideas that end up reflecting the resident’s nature and personality. The entire exercise can be exciting and tiring at the same time. G Plus spoke to Archana Kucheria, the resident interior designer for Studio Segments by Balaji Udyog who speaks about what designers do that adds value to a house and makes it a home.

The task of designing a house is a long process. To make that a home, it takes even longer. The process first starts when you meet a client. What matters most is their concept, their design and the area they want to design. What the designers do is add value to it with their technical knowhow and understanding.
But does a client always come with a mind-set and a select design? Do they always know what they are looking for or are they open to new ideas?

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Customers today have become much more exposed to new ideas and trends. By surfing the internet, they know what designs they want and what exactly they are looking for. They just want appoint a designer so that they don’t have to run around and look after the carpenters and labourers. People who come to designers are much more informed and knowledgeable. “They are exposed to new trends and get pictures samples for us designers,” says Archana.

But what are some of these design preferences that people in Guwahati make for their residences or maybe their commercial establishments? Designers reveal that elements like false ceilings are something that people prefer having for their residences. People do not want exposed wiring and exposed wiring as a design trend has not made its way to India, atleast not for residences. There are some commercial establishments in the city that have tried exposed wiring as a design option and have had a great response. “People in the city opt for lavish ceilings, grand lights, chandeliers and lavish furniture,” said Archana adding, “Most people here tell me that they want their house to be luxurious, yet in a budgeted way. In commercial properties, people have started experimenting with raw ceilings, various colour combinations and exposed wirings.”

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In all of this, how do she and her firm (Balaji Udyog) add value to the projects? For starters, Studio Segments by Balaji Udyog’s showroom in Guwahati is one the largest showrooms for interior and exterior materials in the entire northeast India and offer a choice between hundreds of different materials and designs. “What we do when our clients walk in is that we ensure that they are personally attended to. We speak to them about the various options and trends that are available. This way we expose people to more than the internet. For example, MCM (Modified Clay Materials) Phomi is a material that several people are now intrigued by. These products that are made of clay, offer a rustic finish and longevity of around 60-80 years, which is lucrative for anyone who comes to us to design homes. Additionally, Guwahati is an earthquake prone area, so these MCM materials are light and ensures that during disasters, you are safe. Its easy application is another advantage. Laminates and veneers are also something that people are heavily investing in. These can also be polished, buffed and given a luxurious look to,” said Archana.

Speaking to G Plus about the current design trends and what designers advise home owners, she said that for commercial projects such as a lounge, restaurant or a boutique, people can opt for a raw finish. “You must have seen that the most popular lounges and boutiques in the city have a raw/industrial finish. These include open wiring, brick finishing on walls, exposed Air Conditioner ducting among other alternatives,” said Archana. One of these includes Jolly Polly, a boutique in Fancy Bazaar, which has been designed exclusively by using products from Balaji Udyog.

But is using an interior designer cost effective?

Well for one, interior designers make your lives easier! Although people prefer getting their work done by a carpenter after confirming their designs and it is the cheaper alternative, running around after carpenters is mentally taxing. Designers do have the technical know-how and can guide carpenters to deliver the best product with the least iterations.

Now that your house is all set, what about the science behind designing it? Does Vaastu play a key role there? Well, designing houses based on Vaastu depends from person to person. It is best that you let your designer know about your belief in Vaastu. “People who strongly believe in Vaastu, let us know. That way, we can follow their requirements. Vaastu does play a major role in designing as it drives energy into their homes. Added to that, colour combinations and lighting equally play an important role in determining the vibes at your home.

Lastly, it is important that when you’re designing a house, make sure that you consult the right people for the right rooms. By this we mean, speak to the stakeholders. “If I am designing a kitchen, it would be important that I meet the female of the house because she is the one who will spend around 80% of her time in the kitchen. If the designs do not work for her, it will never serve the purpose. Also, it is very important to know your client. For example, a Marwari housewife looks for a lot of storage. Being Marwari myself, we’ve seen our mothers store things in containers for a few months too! And while storage is a factor, it is important to design a kitchen that is maid-friendly and that furniture fittings and appliances have durability,” Archana said.

“All in all, Guwahati has opened up to working with interior designers. We ensure that instead of clients getting too invested with their time, we take the headache and hand it over upon completion,” concluded Archana.

(Archana Kucheria graduated from LS Raheja School of Architecture, Mumbai and is the resident Interior Designer at Studio Segments by Balaji Udyog, Ulubari.)

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