Young Guwahati composer’s song released on Sony Rox

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Young Guwahati composer’s song released on Sony Rox

Nehal Jain | November 29, 2017 17:23 hrs

Rishab Jain, a young music composer hailing from Guwahati, has recently released his first composition ‘Tu Woh Aadat’. Composed entirely by Rishab, the heart touching song has been written and sung by young artist Sanskriti Shankar and produced by Indian Music Lab. The song was first aired on Sony Rox HD and Sony Mix on 21st November and is also available on YouTube.

Born and brought up in Guwahati, Rishab has studied in different parts of the country. He did his schooling partially from Happy Child High School, Guwahati and partially from BRCM Public School, Haryana. He then went on to LK Singhania Education Centre, Rajasthan for Higher Secondary and then to AAT Media College, Mumbai to study Sound Engineering and Music Production. Currently, Rishab is pursuing graduation from Bhartiyar University, Coimbatore and working at Indian Music Lab, Mumbai as a Music Producer.

“I always wanted to study in boarding schools across India. I’m lucky to have parents who’re extremely supportive and always let me fulfil my dreams. Every school I went to gave me immense exposure and helped mould me into the person I’m today,” informs Rishab about his experience of studying in various parts of the country.

At a very young age, Rishab started playing the guitar. He used to be a part of the school choir, performed in orchestras and took part in various annual functions and inter-school music competitions. A teacher once advised him to pursue his hobby as a profession and that’s what Rishab did – he went on to pursue formal training in sound engineering and music production.

Talking to G Plus about choosing music as a career, Rishab said, “I have always found peace in music and I am grateful that it is what I have decided on doing professionally. I am a firm believer of the fact that if we love what we do, it will never feel like ‘work’.”

Talking about his debut song, Rishab said, “’Tu Woh Aadat’ is a dynamic song that can be enjoyed by people from all age groups. Every single line of the song is deeply meaningful and I tried to do complete justice to the lyrics. As a debutant, ‘Tu Woh Aadat’ was more of a learning experience for me than just a composition.” He further informed G Plus that there are many more projects in the pipeline that he’s working on.


Rishab first joined the Indian Music Lab as an intern when he had just graduated out of AAT Media College. There, he underwent intense training, polishing and grooming. It was there that he was exposed to working on live set ups. Working under the guidance of renowned Music Director Anthony Rohit Manjrekar and his team, he got motivated to compose a beautiful song like ‘Tu Woh Aadat’.

On the professional front, Rishab says that he wished to work with musicians and singers who come from the same school of thought as he does and thrive to work with original and authentic music. He specially wishes to work with fresh young talents as himself. Talking about his strength and weakness, Rishab says, “According to me, my biggest strength is determination and unfathomable belief I hold in myself. And I feel that my only weakness is what I am yet to learn because there’s so much more to learn in this field to excel.”

He says that his biggest inspiration in life are his parents, Ranjay Jain and Sunita Jain, who have always supported his decisions and helped him do better in life. But, from the music industry, he says he’s been inspired by various artists, “My inspirations range from the legend RD Burman for ruling the Indian Music Industry to Hans Zimmer for composing background scores that give the listeners goose bumps.”

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