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YouTuber Diptanil Barua releases ‘Dooriyan’

Nehal Jain | November 21, 2017 18:13 hrs

Diptanil, a YouTuber, a Class 12 student of Sanskriti the Gurukul and the grandson of Luit Konwar Rudra Barua, recently released his latest song, ‘Dooriyaan’ on YouTube. The song received over 1k views within a day and has now crossed 4.3k views.

Belonging to a culturally and musically inclined family, Diptanil started learning music at a very young age. Starting with the Tabla, he went on to Rock School of Music, London to learn drumming for 4 years and then to Royal School of Music, London for a couple of years to get certified in Piano.

Dooriyaan is Diptanil’s first original composition. He used to previously work on cover videos and has won many awards for the same. He’s been awarded the Best Singer in School Award four times, Best Drummer in School twice, Best Performer by Noonmati Bihu (2014) and he’s been the Winner of Inter School Singing Music Fest ‘Folk-Funk’ in 2016.

G Plus got in touch with the young YouTuber to talk about his latest release and much more.

  1. Tell us about your latest song, Dooriyaan.

Well, Dooriyaan is a one sided conversation between a long distance couple. The basic theme of the song is the rising and setting of the sun. Just like the sun rises everyday and sets in the evening but promises to rise the next day again, in the song, the boy promises the girl to come back in a short while.

A friend of mine, Ramanuj Deka, shot the video and has done a great job. The song was mixed and mastered by Rajdeep Das who has been a guide throughout.

Dooriyaan has surely showed me a way ahead in life and out of all my compositions, I will probably treasure Dooriyaan the most.

  1. Is there a next big cover or original track you’re working on that people can look forward to?

I feel that covers can never be big as they’re just your take on someone else’s composition. But yes I am planning to release an entire album by the end of 2018. I am planning to release three songs from it as singles to give the audience a feel about how the album is going to be. 

I am also collaborating with other young artists like DJTriv and Reemon Bhuyan who are exceptionally talented in their fields.

And, I’m planning to release the next original in April called Brahmaputra - a blues Assamese song.

  1. Tell us about your association with ‘Vibrant Beats’.

Vibrant Beats is the main chapter in my journey as a musician. We started as a band in 2013 when I joined them as a drummer. It was after a year that the position of the vocalist got vacant that I stepped in to lead the vocals and I’ve been the front man of this band ever since.

Although we’re not very active recently, we still do a lot of shows and whenever we perform together, we have a blast.

We, as a band, feel very fortunate to have done probably everything that a young rock band dreams of - We have toured together to various events, we’ve done a lot of local TV shows and a few national TV appearances too.  We were also named the youngest band in the Northeastern part of India.

  1. Lastly, since you have Class 12 boards ahead of you, how do you balance academics along with your passion for music?

Honestly, it has been really difficult. I am not being able to balance it pretty well because my passion for music overpowers all else. I sometimes get so engrossed in my work that I miss a lot of school and do not concentrate on studies.

But, I have been fortunate enough to have such a supportive family. Even my teachers are very generous and supportive towards what I want to do in life and that gives me all the encouragement I need to succeed.

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