Zublee launches MAATI – The Folk Factor

Zublee launches MAATI – The Folk Factor

Nehal Jain | January 08, 2018 15:07 hrs

Zublee Baruah launched her latest album, MAATI – The Folk Factor on the December 29 at Rudra Baruah Auditorium, Jyoti Chitrabon.

MAATI – II is the sequel of MAATI, released in 2014 and gained lot of appreciation, love and popularity among the people of Assam and the nation as it was nominated at Global Indian Music Awards (GIMA) in the Best Folk Album category.  After almost four years of sheer hard work, the team has come up with MAATI – II.

Speaking about MAATI - II, Zublee told G Plus, “Folk music mostly depicts the rooted elements of nature, love, humanity, devotion & emphasize on the simplicity of existence. The diversity of our cultures reflects in our folk music, which I take pride in presenting it with my compositions in MAATI Vol 2. The purity of every folk song included in MAATI - II, has enhanced the beauty of my creation to a different level. Each song has a story/ message to narrate. The uniqueness of each song makes it different from the previous ones.”

MAATI – II comprises seven melodious tracks, effortlessly blending traditional folk tunes with contemporary compositions. The first track “Jadobo Rai” starts with a Ghuxa, which is the signature of the song. This is followed by “Saheb Jai”, a popular traditional Zikir. The third one “Ohori Hoiya” comprises of a Karbi folk. The next track “Shankar Guru” includes a Kamrupi Lokogeet, which was popularised by two most renowned & respected artists of Assam, Late. Rameshwar Pathak & Smti. Dhanada Pathak. Following this, is “Bagurumba”, a beloved Bodo folk.  “Bhekli Maate” which is the next track, comprises of a Bahurangi Rabha folk. The concluding track, “Tauling Porota”, is a well-known Tiwa folk.

For this album, Zublee has collaborated with many artists from Assam as well as noted musicians of India including singer Zubeen Garg, renowned stroke player Tapas Roy, popular guitarist Sanjoy Das (Bapi) and eminent flautist Paras Nath. “Collaborating with such talented artists was like a dream come true and the best part is that, they all loved working in my project,” said Zublee.

All the seven tracks have been visualised and directed by the noted choreographer of Assam, Pankaj Ingti.

Zublee informed G Plus that the entire team of Maati – II is very hopeful that their music will feel like the breath of fresh air coming from the land of Red Rivers and Blue Mountains and touch the hearts of all music lovers. “People are very attached to their folk music and it’s our dream to make folk music of Assam reach global audience. So, we hope to get positive response from the listeners as our dream can only be achieved with their love and support,” she added.

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