‘108 Ambulance arrived after 45 minutes’, alleges Guwahatian 

Saturday, 27 February 2021

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‘108 Ambulance arrived after 45 minutes’, alleges Guwahatian 

Saumya Mishra | December 02, 2017 18:30 hrs

A city resident, Varun Vohra, has alleged that the 108 Mrityunjay ambulance service took 45 minutes to reach his house when he called the emergency helpline to seek immediate medical help for his grandfather. 

Vohra’s 96- year-old grandfather was battling cancer and died on November 30. After undergoing treatment in the hospital for a few days, his grandfather was brought back home. 

On the morning of November 30th, Vohra’s family found that his grandfather was not breathing.   

“We were desperately trying to confirm whether he was alive or had passed away. It could also happen that he was in a state of coma. He needed immediate medical attention from a professional,” said Varun.   

He added that it was then that he contacted 108 Mrityunjay ambulance service seeking help. 

“The officials told me over the phone that in the whole of Guwahati only two ambulances were available and rest are all not in working condition. They said that if I could wait, then they would send the ambulance,” said Varun.

He added that the ambulance finally came from Basistha and reached after 45 minutes. 

“If this is the condition of the 108 ambulance service in the city, then it is pathetic. There are several serious medical cases all over the city in which patients need immediate medical assistance. The government immediately should do something about this,” he said.


File photo of 108 Mrityunjay Ambulance

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