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Wednesday, 12 August 2020

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7 Wards Identified as Hot Spots in Guwahati, Possibility of Ward-Wise Lockdown

G Plus News | June 22, 2020 18:25 hrs

GUWAHATI: “114 people have tested positive in Guwahati in the past 2 days. These people do not have any travel history and were found in the 12 COVID-19 screening centres set up in the city,” said health minister Himanta Biswa Sarma in a press conference on June 22.

Also, 36 more cases were found from the various containment zones of the city and 4 were found in the regular screenings held at GMCH and MMCH.


Saying that community transmission in Guwahati is worrisome, the health ministry has asked the district administration to implement ward-wise lockdown in the next few days if situations turn for the worse.

7 wards in Guwahati are demarcated as hot spots by the health minister; these are:

• Ward 2: Pandu 

• Ward 3: Jalukbari

• Ward 4: Adabari

• Ward 5: Durga Sarobar

• Ward 10: Gauhati Club

• Ward 15: Ambari, Fatasil

• Ward 16: Rupnagar

As of now 31 people from Jalukbari, 69 from Fatasil Ambari area, 51 from Bharalumukh and 25 from Panbazar have been tested positive, these areas were demarcated as ‘Point of Concern’ by Sarma.

“Fancy Bazar is a major hot spot. Most positive cases are somehow found to have some connection with the area. Surely more people of the area are carriers of the disease,” said Sarma.

Further the minister urged people of Fancy Bazar to show up for voluntary screening.

Sarma further added, “The situation in Guwahati is not yet critical, although worrisome. Campaigns need to be done on the COVID-19 protocols like wearing mask, social distancing and others. If people are not careful, the situation in Guwahati might turn critical in about a week.”

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  • MC

    PCR tests give more wrong positive results the less people are infected,up to 85 % of tested positive persons are NOT infected. These is data from Germany. Recoveries increase day by day,active caeses lower day by day.Wearing masks,as WHO has admitted,weakens the immune system due to lack of oxygen and can cause a person to pass out due to lack of oxygen.Be careful when you drive cars and make sure you get enough air !!!!