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Friday, 26 February 2021

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86% of Guwahatians engage in sex during office hours, states a survey

G Plus News | March 05, 2018 15:16 hrs

A recent survey conducted by the India Today Group has stirred a lot of controversy among the Guwahatians. According to the survey, 86% of Guwahatians engage in sex with their colleagues, during office hours.

The survey result was deduced from 27% of the city's total respondants.

A city based female marketing professional who has worked in different parts of the country for past 10 years, speaking to G Plus said, "I don't think this could be a correct fig
ure. I have worked in various cities. In other metropolitan cities, the colleagues share a strong professional relation, unlike Guwahati, where the offices are small and colleagues share a close knit bonding. Everything is known to every colleague in Guwahati offices. On top of this, facilities like booking OYO rooms for couples are not that easy like in other cities. So, I don't believe having a hook up culture is that easy in Guwahati. Guwahati people are yet to grow this sort of a mentality"

"Well I am someone who started his career in Guwahati and then moved to a 'Mainland' city. From my point of view, it is a very personal thing. From what I've experienced so far, Guwahati doesn't have tech parks kind of huge work areas where one can go and indulge in some kind of sexual activity during office hours. Because in a 2000 sq feet single floor office its quite impossible for obvious reasons. But in terms of work place exploitation in Guwahati, if a couple stays back late in office where no one is around and have sex, technically it's not office hours. And in Guwahati offices we don't have people from around the country. There are very few of them. So everyone talks the same language and belongs to the same place. Guwahati people have much more in their lives other than office. So my point is people might get involved with colleagues, though I personally don't think that its happening in Guwahati, but it's not impossible either. But during office hours is highly unlikely. People in Guwahati still have some life left in them," stated another Guwahati guy.

In yet another open letter that went viral on the internet, one Kaushik Deka wrote, "Despite the 'sanskari' environment across the country, Guwahati remains what it has been: liberal, bold and candid. After all, Assam is known as Kamrup, the place where Kamdev, the God of Love, was reborn. You also know that 'Rongali Bihu'-a celebration of love and lust-is our prime festival. Thanks to 24x7 television and the fundraising opportunities that the festival offers, we now celebrate it almost throughout the year, unlike in the past when it was restricted to just seven days in April. But that's another story."

Reference links: India Today | India Today | Daily O

(Disclaimer: This survey has been conducted by India Today)


86% of Guwahatians engage in sex during office hours, states a survey

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