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Sunday, 06 December 2020

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90% Cottonians oppose Himanta's diktat on uniforms citing infringement of tradition

GPlus | August 27, 2016 19:38 hrs

In its 115 year old history Cotton College will now have uniforms as announced by state education minister Himanta Biswa Sarma. The announcement came immediately after the violent clash between Uber drivers and the college students on 11th August last. The decision of the minister has been opposed by the students of Cotton College saying that it is an age old tradition of not wearing uniforms in the college and it cannot be changed now. The question arises as to why the students oppose to wea
r uniforms. Will the uniform stop them from conducting any misdeed or will the students be deprived from showing off the privilege of being a Cottonian? G Plus has talked to a number of students, parents and the Principal and has come to know that 90% of the students do not want to wear a uniform.   A student of Degree 3rd year said that they do not want uniform as they are the students of final year and it is not acceptable for them to come in a uniform in the last year. “Giving uniform is not a solution for every problem. The college has completed 115 years and in these years it has become a tradition of not wearing uniform. People from every nook and corner know the college and no one has to identify the college with its uniform,” the student said.   Another student of degree third semester said that they do not support the move of the education minister. “Every department has its own uniform. Then why do we need a separate uniform? We cannot compare with other colleges as in the history of 115 years Cotton College students have not worn a uniform and will not do so in the future,” the student asserted.   Moreover, the Principal of Cotton College, Nirada Devi said, “The move of having college uniform is in process and we will go according to the instructions of the government. The education minister suggested the formation of a two-member committee to probe the clash and the committee has decided to make uniforms compulsory to maintain discipline in the college. We are in process of selecting the dress code. The principal said that they have taken two months’ time for the selection of the uniform.   The General Secretary of the college Amlanjyoti Deuri also opposed the decision saying that the tradition of the college should not be relinquished.    According to another student the college will not gain any new identification after having implemented the uniform. “The colleges under Delhi University do not have uniforms which does not mean that they do not perform well or they do not indulge in any misdeeds. And those colleges receive good grades. Similarly, Cotton College is a top level institution which no one can deny nor can it be changed,” said the student.   Reacting to the move of Himanta Biswa Sarma, a student of Handique Girls’ College said, “We welcome the move of the education minister of having uniform for Cotton College as each and every college should be given equal treatment. Among 100 colleges, if 99 colleges are given uniform, why one college should be left out? A uniform signifies the discipline of the college. And the most important thing is that in a college there are students from high class, middle class and lower class and everyone cannot afford the same quality of clothes. When a student from the economically backward class cannot wear good clothes they feel uneasy in the company of the elite student. With the introduction of the uniform such discrimination will be eliminated. Therefore, giving uniform is a good step,” she added.    A student said, “Uniforms were introduced almost a decade ago to make sure students do not indulge in any misdeeds, but uniforms don't really hold students back from doing what they want to. Students in one way or the other will always break rules. College is a different experience altogether. I am glad that I got admission into Cotton College not only because we do not have uniforms but also because it is a centre of excellence.” Speaking to G Plus, a guardian said that uniform is good to represent a school or college but in case of Cotton College the decision is something different as it is since 115 years that students of the college has not worn uniform and this shouldn’t be changed now.     Points:   • Education minister Himanta Biswa Sarma issues instructions to make uniform compulsory for Cotton College students • The decision has been taken to maintain discipline • Students opposed the move of the education minister on grounds of infringement of tradition • The principal of the college says that the college will follow the instructions of the government   

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