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99 Containment Zones Currently Active in Guwahati

G Plus News | June 18, 2020 11:15 hrs

GUWAHATI: With many more positive cases of the novel coronavirus reported from the city, 19 more Containment Zones have been newly added to the list on June 17.

Guwahati is currently reeling with 99 containment zones with all indicators showing a possible start to community transmission. However, health minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, while interacting with the press in GMCH on 17th June, clarified that the same would be declared by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

The Deputy Commissioner of Kamrup (Metro), Biswajit Pegu, has directed the Circle Officers of concerned revenue circles to seal the vicinities where people have tested positive for the coronavirus with immediate effect, vide orders, turning them into containment zones.

The following is the list of areas demarcated as Containment Zones by the district authorities which are currently active –

1. Arihant Apartment, Panbazar
2. Bhaskar Nagar B-Block, Fatasil
3. Sarabbhati, Guwahati
4. Athgaon, Guwahati 
5. Hirapara Village (Azara)
6. Christian Basti, Guwahati
7. Bishnupur (Bharalumukh)
8. Shantipur
9. Satgaon
10. Sankar Nagar, Lalganesh
11. Dhirenpara, Guwahati
12. Athgaon-II (SJ Road)
13. Lamb Road, Guwahati
14. Kushal Nagar, Bamunimoidam
15. Birubari, Guwahati
16. Athgoan Pukhuripar, Guwahati
17. Barsapara, Guwahati
18. Rupnagar, Guwahati
19. Netaji Vidyapith Rly HS School, Maligoan, Guwahati
20. Fatasil Chariali
21. Silpukhuri, Guwahati
22. Housing Colony, Ghoramara, Guwahati
23. Netaji Vidyapith HS School, Maligaon, campus
24. Block-M of Pragjyotish Housing Colony, Ghoramara
25. Satgaon Army Camp, Guwahati
26. CISF Camp, Sector Hill, Noonmati Refinery
27. Mangaldeep Residency, Lalganesh
28. G. S. Colony, Fatasil, Guwahati
29. Tokoubari, Guwahati
30. K. C. Sen Road, Paltanbazar, Guwahati
31. Sankarpur, Birubari Tiniali
32. Uzanbazar Railway Colony
33. Sarumotoria
34. Games Village
35. Garobasti
36. Ahomgaon
37. SBI Guest House in Sarumotoria
38. Zoo Tiniali, Guwahati
39. Nabajyoti Nagar, Panjabari
40. Hengerabari, Guwahati
41. B.P. Chaliha Nagar, Bamunimoidan
42. Sagar Apartment, S.J.Road in Athgaon
43. Joymati Nagar in Pandu
44. Loco Colony in Pandu
45. Narayan Nagar in Bharalumukh
46. Boripara in Maligaon
47. Solapara, Paltan Bazar
48. Ulubari
49. Srimantpur, Bhangagarh
50. Udaipur, Birubari


51. Paltan Bazar
52. Akashi Nagar, Bamunimoidan
53. A.K. Azad Road, Rehabari
54. K.C. Sen Road in Paltan Bazaar
55. Ashram Road , Ulubari Bazar
56. Deben Sarma Road, Bishnupur
57. Gopinath Nagar, Birubari - I
58. Athgaon - IV
59. Gopinath Nagar, Birubari - II
60. Ferry Ghat Colony, Pandu
61. Bishnupur - III
62. Maligaon rest Camp, Pandu
63. Bimala Nagar, Bishnupur
64. Gajen Kalita Path, Kumarpara
65. Athgaon - III
66. Latasil
67. Santi Nagar, Kahilipara
68. Dhirenpara - III
69. Colony Bazar, Kahilipara
70. Bamunpara, Damodar Nagar, Betkuchi
71. Sankar Nagar, Odalbakra
72. Etabhata, Dhirenpara
73. Jogipara, Azara
74. Borjhar, Azara
75. Jyotikuchi, Guwahati
76. Kameshwar Apartment, B. G. Colony, Maligaon
77. Trans Enclave, Zoo Road Jonali Point
78. Build Well Apartment, Zoo Road
79. Janapath, Hatigaon
80. Nibedita Path, Lalganesh
81. Bhabanipur, Noonmati
82. Taltala, Satgaon
83. Pandu (BBC)
84. Central Academy for State Forest Service (CASFOS), Tamalikuchi, Sonapur
85.  Gate No. 6, A.T. Road Guwahati
86. Residence of Mamata Debi, Mahua Basti
87. Kailashpur, Fatasil
88. Bishnupur – IV, Guwahati
89. Kedarnath Road, Bharalumukh
90. Harizon Colony, Ujanbazar, Guwahati
91. FC Road, Latasil
92. Jyotikuchi – II, Guwahati
93. SWEDA Complex, KCC Road, Chatribari
94. Swagat Apartment, Geeta Nagar
95.Kameshwar Apartment, Pragjyotish Nagar, maligaon
96. Fatasil, G. S. Colony, near Sitala Mandir
97. Bishnupur near Hanuman Mandir
98. Surya Complex, Milanpur Path, Chandmari
99. Fatasil G.M.C. Colony

Currently, there are 99 active Containment Zones in Guwahati as of 8.00pm on June 17.

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