A video on North East India, yet the people aren’t happy about it – Here’s why!

Friday, 22 February 2019

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A video on North East India, yet the people aren’t happy about it – Here’s why!

G Plus News | July 10, 2018 19:04 hrs

The video titled “Uncles Trying North Eastern Cuisine” released by MensXP, a Delhi-based men’s grooming website, that touts to be an attempt to understand the North Eastern food by a group of four elderly persons on camera, did not go well with Twitter and Facebook users from this region slamming the website and the video.

Though the video title went by Northeast cuisine, it only featured foods of two states – Singju, Soibum Eromba and Bora Pakora from Manipur and pork with bamboo-shoot and Akhuni (that the tasters referred as “Nagaland ka Rajma”) from Nagaland.

The elderly persons were found saying the food not to be up to their taste as they tried each item, and reacted to it in a way that can only be said “disapproving” of its taste.

Watch the video here:

Singju is a Manipuri salad made with lotus seed, cabbages and herbs while Soibum Eromba is made with dried fish and mashed potatoes and Bora Pakora is lemon basil’s fritters. Akhuni, on the other hand, is fermented soybeans.

Northeast people, however, took the video as a sublime attempt by the Mainland India to nudge the northeast food and its culture.

A Facebook user, Samuel Baruah commented on the video, “Yes we know how much you guys underestimate us, and look down upon us. It is very clear from your video. You people are not at all welcome here. If it’s in your head that we are from a different country or you think that we are foreigners, it is okay with us. We are proud to be North-easterner. We can be self-sufficient. We can survive without you so-called intellectual high-class people.”

Some, on the other hand, questioned the adaptability of the tasters regarding various tastes of food.

"With NO regards to whoever made this nonsense video. First, gather some knowledge about food before making bullshit stuff. Second, learn to respect culture ,when u don't , never expect any respect from us. Third, not knowing the capital is not joke, it's a matter of same n shows your poor IQ levels. Fourth, have u personally ever been to NE?? Well, I guess u never got out of your box!! Fifth, I’m not insulted actually . You have insulted yourself by showing the world what a shitty mentality you have. No thanks, actually an epic face palm... from a Foodie," commented Geeta Dutta, a food blogger from Guwahati.

“Most cuisines are unpalatable for people belonging to different cultures. The video is nothing but a distasteful attempt of stereotyping cultures. It is done with absolutely no homework on the food of North East as a whole. See Andrew Zimmern, Kiran Jethwa or Gordon Ramsay's take on different foods,” said another user Anupa Lahkar Goswami.

Within three days of uploading, the video received 11,000 reactions off which, 356 were of frowns and have received 383 comments, most of which had criticised it.


A screenshot of the MensXP video

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