Aadhar Enrollment in Assam Poorest in India

Friday, 30 October 2020

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Aadhar Enrollment in Assam Poorest in India

G Plus News | February 28, 2019 18:52 hrs

GUWAHATI: According to a report published by The Assam Tribune, Aadhar coverage in Assam is among the poorest in India. The process had only recently started in the state, but is picking up now. 

The enrollment has been around 14.38 percent in Assam. This enrollment percentage is based on the projected population of 2018. 

According to an official, a lot of banks in Assam have started the enrollment process. Around 1200 centres have been opened in the state, all

in government office premises. The General Administration Department is the nodal agency for the exercise in Assam. 

Other northeastern states that have high coverage include Tripura that has 93.58 percent, Mizoram has 89.60 percent, Sikkim has 89.59 percent, Manipur has 83.81 percent, Arunachal Pradesh has 80.02 percent and Nagaland has 59.28 percent. 

According to the source, the Central government had saved around Rs. 1,09,983 crore by linking the Aadhar to several schemes, which also led to the detection of crores of deceptive beneficiaries.


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