Actress Barsha Rani Accuses Local "Fashion Curator" Of Offering ‘Indecent Proposal’
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Actress Barsha Rani Accuses Local "Fashion Curator" Of Offering ‘Indecent Proposal’

G Plus News | October 20, 2019 11:09 hrs

GUWAHATI: Assamese actor, Barsha Rani Bishaya, took to social media to express her rage after a lady fashion curator approached with ‘Indecent Proposal’ on October 19.

According to the post Barsha stated that a ‘filthy rich’ North Indian businessman from Assam who deals in electronics admires her a lot and wanted to arrange a foreign trip for her.

On October 20, Barsha came live on social media and said, "This is not a publicity stunt done by me. This was a warning to the person who asked for indecent proposal. I don’t want any personal publicity as all knows me from my childhood."
"If we are speaking about 'Beti Parhao, Beti Bacho' we all woman should stand together and fight for this," she added.

Barsha said that she used to know the lady and her deeds from a long time but as this happened to her she thought to bring this out to the public.

Further, she said that the reason for not disclosing the identity of the lady because the lady used to study with her aunt in school and out of that respect she had not disclosed and also she earlier helped her a lot in fashion related events. The second reason for not disclosing her name was because that lady is a mother of a child and her child is unknown to her deeds, hence she don’t want to hurt the child.

Earlier in her Facebook post Barsha said, "She called me last night but I missed her call so reverted back today . This smart lady tells me that her phone handset is having some problems so she would call me on watsapp. She wanted to play it safe. First she tells me what a struggle it is to arrange sponsors for a show and might have to give up fashion industry. Then eventually comes out her shrewd part. She tells me that a North Indian filthy rich businessman of Assam who deals in electronics admires me a lot n wants to offer me a foreign trip. A fit of rage ran through my head to toe . Have I had a gun I would have shot right in the middle of her forehead. And hit that bustard hard on his private part . This is what I have been hearing that she offers girls to her clients to settle the deals.

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