Allegations of Substandard Products being sold at Chenikuthi ALPCo Retail Outlet
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Allegations of Substandard Products being sold at Chenikuthi ALPCo Retail Outlet

G Plus News | May 21, 2020 16:23 hrs

GUWAHATI: Customers have raised complaints against the meat products being sold by the Assam Live Stock and Poultry Corporation (ALPCo) retail outlet at Chenikuthi.

One Dr Bikash Das complained, "I got two whole frozen chickens from the outlet, but the meat was of sub-standard quality. The leg pieces tasted different, apparently injected with medicine."

"I have a three year old, and I was about to feed her. The meat tasted bad, like medicine, and as a doctor I can say that it had abnormal tissues. The leg pieces were black and the rest of it also tasted like it was old product," he added.

Another customer, Dhrubajyoti Gogoi, raised similar complains about mutton that he bought from the same outlet.

Deepali Devi, Managing Director of ALPCo, speaking to G Plus said, "We have been getting complaints about the outlet about the same. We will investigate the matter and would ask the customers to complain to us directly in case of such issues."

"The meat is slaughtered in two ways - halal and jhatka methods. In the halal method, the meat remains white, but in the 'jhatka' method, the blood remains in the meat and it is usually darker in colour. And if this meat is kept in ambient temperature rather than in cold storage, then the meat might smell and other such issues may arise," said Dr Purnananda Konwar, Administrative Officer of ALPCo.

He further said, "We have been collecting samples regularly and these have passed the quality check. But given the complaints, further investigation will be conducted."

Meanwhile, Dr Bikash Das had complained about the product in the said outlet and was informed that they get their products from ALPCo Khanapara.

Reportedly, the packet meat products do not have any label on them and so the actual date of packaging cannot be known.

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