Army to honor Bir Lachit Borphukan

Friday, 03 April 2020

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Army to honor Bir Lachit Borphukan

G Plus News | June 02, 2017 15:50 hrs

North Eastern region of India like other parts of our great country, has produced legendary warriors who have by their love for their motherland, valiant deeds and sacrificial spirit  got their names etched permanently in the annals  of history,  for the future generations to remember them and emulate their super human feats executed;  out of an unconditional sense of selfless love for their motherland .

The list of these great patriots can never be complete without the prominent mention of Bir Lachit Borphukan. Lachit Borphukan was a Commander and a Borphukan in the Ahom kingdom and is known for his leadership in the 1671 Battle of Saraighat that thwarted a drawn-out attempt by Mughal forces under the command of Ram Singh to take back Kamrup. 

To commemorate the legendary fighter, the Dao Division of the Indian Army is installing a statue of Bir Lachit Borphukan at Dinjan Military Station, the inauguration ceremony of the same will be held on 05 June 2017. Sarbanda Sonowal, Chief Minister of Assam will unveil the 07 feet statue.

The statues and busts of Bir Lachit Borphukan are constructed at various important historical places, government buildings in Assam as a mark of respect and reverence to his extraordinary courage. 

Since the Dao Mountain Division is deployed in the state of Assam and draws inspiration from this great warrior; it was felt that installation of the statue of Bir Lachit Borphukan at Dinjan Military Station will go a long way in achieving the objectives of youth guidance

The statue has been created by Mr Aswini Konwar, a renowned Artist graduated from Government Art College, Guwahati.


Dao Division of the Indian Army to commemorate Bir Lachit Borphukan

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