Assam Bandh: 60% govt employees absent in Assam Secretariat despite strong warning

Sunday, 01 November 2020

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Assam Bandh: 60% govt employees absent in Assam Secretariat despite strong warning

G Plus News | October 24, 2018 13:15 hrs

GUWAHATI: The BJP-led Assam government made early preparations to counter the Assam Bandh called by KMSS and over 46 organisations. Strict orders were issued and attendance on the day of the bandh was made mandatory.

But it seems the state government employees did not support the government's order as it was evident from the low attendance in Dispur during the bandh day on 23rd October. The Assam Secretariat in Dispur is the main nerve centre of the government and it witnessed o

nly 40% attendance. Also, all other important government offices saw a very low turnout.

As per reports, nearly 60% Assam Government employees failed to report for duty on the bandh day, and among the ministers, only Ranjit Dutta was found attending his office. Rest of the cabinet was absent on Tuesday.

Most of the missing-in-action government employees use the public transport system to reach their offices. In the absence of private buses and low ASTC services, the employees went back from the bus stops. Many of the government employees travel from one district to the other on daily basis. On 23rd October there was total shutdown of transport vehicles. Only a few ASTC buses were operating with the police escort.

Many government employees expressed that the existence of the Assamese identity is at stake and no matter what the government’s stand as they would personally support the cause.

The effect of the bandh was felt across the state and there was a very low turnout in all the government offices. Many offices remained shut. The media widely reported on the missing employees and the closed government offices.


Govt Employees waiting for bus on the Bandh Day

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