Assam Baseball Association Secretary’s Resignation Demanded

Wednesday, 01 April 2020

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Assam Baseball Association Secretary’s Resignation Demanded

G Plus News | May 14, 2018 17:34 hrs

Several baseball coaches, managers and players of Assam Baseball Association (ABA) today demanded the resignation of ABA Secretary Dr Ashma Begum. In a press meet held in Guwahati, the coaches, managers, players and parents brought several allegations against her including misappropriation of funds, issuing duplicate certificates, receipts and admission forms as well as a fake team representing Bhutan during the opening ceremony of the Presidential Cup held in the city recently.

“We are demanding the resignation of ABA secretary Dr Ashma Begum. The umpires, coaches, as well as parents demand the resignation and we have even contacted the National federation regarding this,” said Kishan Choudhury, Coach of the Indian team at the Presidential Cup. Several issues including an international coaching camp, the Presidential Cup, bribes taken as well as complaints from parents were discussed during the meet.

However, defending herself in the allegations, Begum stated that the Baseball Presidential Cup was scheduled to take place in November 2017, but the Government postponed it to April 2018 because of events such as FIFA World Cup and the T20 match between India and Australia. Due to the delay, most of the international teams weren't able to take part in the championship. Added to this, the presence of less than 10 international teams made us ineligible for Government's grant of Rs 1 Crore which caused a fund crunch for the association.

She added, “While the championship was underway, I was 9 months pregnant and hospitalised. I lost my father-in-law during the same period. Due to my personal problems, I gave money to the coach, Kishan Choudhury and Umpire Jun Dutta to smoothly organise the championship but they misused the money.”

“I have worked very hard to popularise Baseball in Assam. Now that the sport has gained popularity and is also part of Olympics, many people want to take my position. They know of my personal problems so they're targeting me and coming after my position,” she concluded.


File photo of Ashma Begum

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