Assam Bikers extend help for Kerala flood victims

Friday, 18 October 2019

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Assam Bikers extend help for Kerala flood victim

G Plus News | August 20, 2018 18:55 hrs

GUWAHATI: While rest of Assam cribs about not getting enough attention during floods, a group of bikers from Assam are setting a great example by going out of their way to help the victims of Kerala flood.

The initiative has been taken up by Guwahati based organisation, Assam Bikers, who have raised a total donation of Rs 28502 in two days – August 19 and 20.

On the first day of the drive to collect relief fund, the bikers travelled to various places of Guwahati including Big Bazaar, Central Mall, Food Villa, Guwahati Central, Shraddhanjali Kanan and Nehru Park. A total of 597 people contributed for the cause on day one – while the highest amount donated by an individual was Rs 2000, the lowest was just Re 1.

On the second day, that is today, the bikers visited Commerce Point, Zoo Road. Apart from the relief fund collected during the drive, fund was also directly deposited to the Assam Bikers bank account by few people.

“The entire money that we’ve raised during the drive has been sent to a resident of Kerala, who is working towards the cause of flood relief there. He has been asked to get back to us in a day or two to inform us how the money has been utilisation,” Mayur Mahanta, the founder of Assam Bikers informed G Plus.

Assam Bikers, in order to keep the process transparent, is also posting all updates on their Instagram page. For further contributions, people can get in touch with the team of Assam Bikers via their Instagram page or call 8403913099 for queries.


Assam Bikers running donation camp for the flood victims of Kerala

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