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Thursday, 04 March 2021

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Assam Doctors Exude Confidence after Taking COVID-19 Vaccine

G Plus News | January 22, 2021 13:43 hrs

GUWAHATI: The Covid-19 vaccination has been rolled out across the country and Assam has also received its share last week. From 16th January, the first phase of vaccination drive had begun and in the first category 1.9 lakh health workers which includes doctors, nurses and sanitary workers are being administered the vaccine.

In the second category 1 lakh more frontline workers like police and para-military personnel will be vaccinated. 

However, given
the many news reports about the adverse effects of the Covid-19 vaccines and subsequent fatalities from across the world, many citizens are being skeptical of receiving the vaccine. 


As such G Plus tried to understand the after effects of the vaccine and the importance of receiving the same despite probable adversities.

Till 21st January, 10,676 health workers of Assam have been vaccinated. 3,091 of them were given the vaccine on 21st January alone. Of them 2,799 beneficiaries received Covishied while Covaxin was administered to 292 beneficiaries.

Only 2 minor cases of AEFI (Adverse event following immunization) have been reported, 1 minor AEFI case from Lakhimpur district and 1 minor AEFI case from Barpeta district.

Speaking to G Plus, Dr. Bibhas Chandra Goswami, Director of State Cancer Institute said, “I received the vaccine on the very first day and have been feeling alright. I have also been attending to patients regularly and have not felt any discomfort at all.”

Dismissing all talks of adverse effects as misconceptions he added, “People have no reason to worry. Instead have faith in science and medicine. The best of the experts have developed the vaccines after much trial and error process. But people need to understand that any medicine can have different effects on different people, it is never the same for all. So even the vaccine might have some side effect on some but that does not mean it’s not safe. We, the medical fraternity, have faith and have taken it, so people can also take it without worrying.”

Padmashree Dr. Ilias Ali, Former HOD of GMCH who is also a beneficiary said, “I was administered the Covishield. After receiving, I worked for around seven hours that day. The vaccine has already gone through numerous trials across the world and it is comparatively safe. There is no complication as of yet.”

“The health department approached about 12 senior doctors including me to volunteer for the vaccine. And as far as I know we all readily agreed. See, we being doctors we know and understand science and medicine better than common people. So we do have faith in it. And the number of deaths and sufferings that we have seen in the past year, I feel it is utmost necessary to receive a vaccine,” said Dr. Subhash Khanna.

“As for the reported AEFI, I feel many people do have other illnesses but every human body reacts differently. I don’t think those effects were direct consequences of the vaccine,” he added.

When asked about the need of consent before receiving Covaxin while the same is not required for Covishield, Dr. Khanna said, “Covishield has already overcome the stage three trial in America, Brazil and other countries. Reportedly, Covaxin has not completed the third stage trial, although experts believe that Covaxin will be a better option. Also, people need to understand that for every new medicine or other treatment we provide we do take ‘informed consent’ from the patients. This is nothing new. So people should not worry about the consent matter. I believe in about three to six months’ time consent won’t be required even for receiving Covaxin,” he added.

Assam had earlier received 2,21,500 doses of the vaccine. Of these 2,01,500 are of 'Covishield' of the Serum Institute of India, and 20,000 doses are of 'Covaxin' developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca Plc and Bharat Biotech International. Another 20 packages of vaccine have been received for Assam on 22nd January last.


File Photo - A health worker in Guwahati getting vaccinated

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