Assam: Gas Blowout in Tinsukia Oil Field Disrupts Ecological Balance
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Assam: Gas Blowout in Tinsukia Oil Field Disrupts Ecological Balance

G Plus News | June 09, 2020 13:23 hrs

GUWAHATI: It has been 2 weeks since a natural gas well of Oil India Limited (OIL) had a blowout and another massive explosion took place this afternoon at the same site. 

Experts from Singapore are still trying to control release of gas in one of the oil fields.
The explosion from the well located at Baghjan, close to the Dibru Saikhowa National Park in Assam, has contributed to a reverse effect on the residents as well as the marine life of the nearby river.

According to reports, the oil spill due to the blast has not only destroyed the aquatic life in the area but has also killed the endangered species of Gangetic River Dolphins, a carcass of which was found in Assam's Dibru river.

In addition to this, small tea growers of greater Baghjan area have incurred a huge loss as tea leaf factories refused to purchase their green tea leaves due to the presence of oily substances.

As a result, frustrated tea growers threw away their tea leaves rejected by the factories on the road leading to the Baghjan Oilfield and protested against OIL.

Earlier, in 2005, when a similar blowout took place at an abandoned oil well of OIL at Dikom in Dibrugarh district, it took nearly a month to get the situation under control.

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