Assam Govt Announces Lockdown from 24th March (6 PM) to 31st March (Midnight)

Saturday, 23 January 2021

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Assam Govt Announces Lockdown from 24th March (6 PM) to 31st March (Midnight)

G Plus News | March 23, 2020 20:14 hrs

GUWAHATI: State Health Minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma said that Assam will be under complete lockdown from 6 PM of 24th Mar till 31st March, 2020.

Here are the key points from the Announcement

· Assam Locked-down from 24th March (6 PM) to 31st March (Midnight).

· No sample have been tested positive for Covid-19 in Assam yet.

· During lockdown, ration/grocery shops, pharmacies, petrol pumps to remain open.

· All
educational institutions, private and government offices, business establishments to be closed.

· Essential offices like Electricity Board , Health Services to remain open.

· Citizens requested to stay indoors.

· Will take action against those loitering outside under Section 270, IPC.

· Hospitals, Ambulance Services and other Public Health Services to remain open.

· Flight services restricted; passenger rail services completely suspended.

· Interstate movement of transport to be stopped during lockdown.

· All private vehicles will be stopped; except for ambulances.

·  State borders to be sealed.

· Banks to remain open; not more than 10 employees to be present.

· Not more than 3 people to gather in religious places.

· Sonapur Civil Hospital, MMCH and GMCH Eye Department to be converted into Corona care centres. Patients to visit Sankardev Netralaya for eye treatment.

· No price rise on groceries.

· OPD patients not to visit medical hospitals.

· All University hostels and hotels can be considered for further quarantine of patients.

· All leaves of Health Department Officials Cancelled until further notice.

· DC instructed to requisition Hotels and Hostels in every town.

·  Hostels and Hotels to be used for accommodating mildly affected people.

· 24 Hour Call Centre set up under emergency number 104.

· Do not take this lockdown as a celebration time. Stay at home for your own safety.

· Elderly at most risk.

· Inside your house, maintain social-distance, especially from elders.

· Vegetable, Poultry and Meat Market to remain closed.

· Don't circulate fake WhatsApp messages; Follow authentic government sites and organizations with blue tick/verification badge.

· Media industry to cut non-essential staff.

· 100 more ventilators to be acquired by Government of Assam.

· LPG shops to remain closed till March 31.

· Residential society will have to increase surveillance.

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  • Kaushik


  • Kaushik

    Dulan khula Ba pharmacy khula thike dise... Kintu kinibole poisa pabo kot.. Khua bua kaneke koribo hai hokol manhu jun bure. Horu hura paan dukan baa ata horu bepar kori soli ase din hazira kori? Sakori kora hokol work from home kori ase jihetu... Tahator salary oo humabo.. But.. Ai.. Self-employed baa labour category manhu burok hohai koribole kiba ata Important Measures loise ne? Aitu topic ignore nokoriba! Jodi tahatok hohai nokore tahat oo upai napai ulai aibo lagibo nijor pet or sinta kori!!!