Assam Govt to adopt New Town, Rajarhat's model to extend Guwahati

Wednesday, 08 July 2020

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Assam Govt to adopt New Town, Rajarhat's model to extend Guwahati

G Plus Digital Desk | December 01, 2017 18:48 hrs

The Government of Assam has sought assistance from West Bengal to develop New Guwahati on the lines of Rajarhat New Town, WBHIDCO chairman-cum-managing director Debashish Sen said during a CII conference on sustainable real estate in Kolkata on Saturday.

Describing Rajarhat New Town as a 'beautiful model of future urban habitation', Sen said: "During a recent visit to Kolkata, Assam Chief Secretary V K Pipersenia took a tour to New Town. He was so impressed that he expressed keenness to take our help in building a futuristic city like Rajarhat New Town." 

Highlighting the sustainability aspect, Sen spoke on how Rajarhat New Town is an example of synergy between traditional town planning and modern real estate that has turned into a futuristic and sustainable township. "That explains why the state government decided to tweak the rules governing the Rajarhat New Town central business district (CBD). The objective is to make the financial hub more attractive for players engaged in the commercial real estate sector," he added.

The city of Guwahati has not been able to keep pace with the rise in population and economic growth over the last several years. This has led to congestion and poor living conditions. With no space left for sustainable development within the old city, the only option is to shift to open space and plan something on the lines of Rajarhat New Town.


DLF Office, New Town, Rajarhat | File Photo

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