Assam Govt to Provide "Essential Service Pass" to Citizens Under Exempted Category

Wednesday, 01 April 2020

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Assam Govt to Provide "Essential Service Pass" to Citizens Under Exempted Category

G Plus News | March 26, 2020 12:45 hrs

GUWAHATI: In order to facilitate the movement of persons in "exempted category" and to control the movement of unauthorized persons during the lockdown period announced by the govt of India, it is decided to issue identity cards by Assam Police.

If you belong to any one of the exempted category as stated below, one can approach the local police station/outpost for a "Essential Service Pass".

Categories of Exempted person who would be issued passes are:

 I . Police/ Home Guards & Civil Defence/ Fire and Emergency services/ Defence Personnel/ Armed Police Personnel/ and their transportation (personnel in uniform need not procure a pass) 

2. District Administration/ Treasury/ National Informatics centre/ Disaster Management/ Early warning agencies/ Prison services 

3. Hospitals/Medical establishments/ Dispensaries/ Pharmacies/ Laboratories/ Ambulance 

4. Forest dept staff engaged in emergency duties like zoo, nurseries, wildlife. firefighting in forests, watering plantations, patrolling 

5. Social welfare dept staff for children homes, disabled, senior citizens. destitute, women, widows, observation homes 

6. Electricity/ Power Generation & Transmission/ Water Supply/ Sanitation Establishments in Petroleum/ CNG/ LPG/ PNG sectors 

7. Telecom/ Internet/cable services/ Post Offices 

8. Banks, ATMs, cash management agencies and Insurance offices 

9. Private security guards & agencies 

10.Shops dealing with food, groceries, fruits & vegetables, dairy & milk booths. meat & fish, animal fodder and their manufacture/ transportation 

11 .Shops of seeds and pesticides 

12. Petrol pumps, LPG retail outlets and storage godowns 

13. Print and electronic media 

It is to be mentioned that persons seeking passes shall produce identity and the proof that he/she is engaged in the exempted profession/duty.

However, top police sources have clarified that ID cards issued by organizations under the exempted list to their employees will also be accepted and honoured and will hold as much value.

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