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Saturday, 24 October 2020

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Assam: Poachers Shoot Rhino in Kaziranga, Take Away Horn

G Plus News | August 08, 2020 14:36 hrs

GUWAHATI: An adult female rhino was found dead after being shot by poachers on August 8 in Kaziranga National Park.

Six rounds of empty cartridges of .303 rifle were also recovered from the site. 

The horn of the rhino was taken away by the poachers.

The carcass of the dead rhino was found at about 11 am towards the north of Meteka Beel in the Gabrai Anti-Poaching Camp under Kaziranga Range.

A staff of Gabrai, Borbeel tower, and Kat

hanbari camp heard 6 rounds of gunshots at about 3:00 pm on August 7.

The ambush was laid along the Brahmaputra river bank in Kaziranga during night time and the carcass of the rhino was found following the footprints of the poachers.

A suspected poacher has been detained in Biswanath Wildlife division and the matter is still being investigated.


Poachers Shoot Rhino in Kaziranga

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