Assam Police arrests cattle smuggling kingpin from Bihar

Wednesday, 15 July 2020

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Assam Police arrests cattle smuggling kingpin from Bihar

G Plus News | June 24, 2019 18:34 hrs

GUWAHATI: Cattle smuggling Kingpin Sharfaraz (43) of Gopalganj district in Bihar was arrested from his home by a joint team of Assam Police and Bihar police led by DCP Crime (Guwahati). 

Commissioner of police Deepak Kumar on Monday, June 24, informed that Sharfaraz was involved in illegal smuggling of cattle and was running an interstate syndicate to Bangladesh.  

“Till now six people have been arrested in the case and more arrests are expected,” said Kumar.

Recently, Members of the All India Livestock Traders and Transporter Association (AILTTA) had alleged the existence of a cattle smuggling syndicate in Assam and Guwahati. They said that in Assam, cattle are brought in trucks from Srirampur in the state to 9 Mile- which is a hub of cattle market in Kamrup (Metro).

According to sources, a majority of the cattle which is smuggled illegally to Bangladesh comes from outside Assam. They are brought mainly from Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Bihar and every day between 600 and 1000 cattle are smuggled to Bangladesh from Assam.

The demand for cow meat is high in Bangladesh. Indian cows are considered to be of good quality and are sold at prices as high as Rs 50,000 per head, making it a lucrative business for smugglers.



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