Assam Police Feeds Stray Animals During Lockdown, Many Support the Cause

Friday, 05 June 2020

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Assam Police Feeds Stray Animals During Lockdown, Many Support the Cause

G Plus News | March 30, 2020 19:58 hrs

GUWAHATI: As Guwahati undergoes days of lockdown, many dependent on the privileged sections of society are left with no source of survival. These include not just the pavement- dwellers but also the stray animals who have been fed by the citizens all along.

Expressing their love and concern for such strays, many NGOs, other organizations and individuals have come forward to provide food for them. The city police are no different. Assam police has joined hands with these organizations to help distribute food amongst the stray animals across Guwahati.

Apart from discharging their regular duties, police personnel were seen distributing food to the stray animals.

Imdadul Hussain Bora, DIG (Security), the nodal officer in this initiative talked to G Plus about the distribution conducted.

He said, " The idea was initiated by DGP sir. But it's not possible for us alone to conduct such an operation. Many organisations and people have also come forward to help us. We are getting regular calls. Even Pedigree have been supplying dog food."

He informed that all volunteers are from Assam Police and the job has been distributed amongst them as per convenience and area. As the public is strictly kept under check due to the lockdown, the contributions are taken from the donors and distributed by the police themselves.

Two meals are being provided to the strays daily, both morning and evening. "It's on the basis of requirement. We are guided by the pet lovers and other known person," he added.

It has to be mentioned that another organization, Just be Friendly (JBF), has also taken up the cause.

Dr. Sasanka Sekhar Dutta of JBF said, "We have prepared to provide for every food necessity of the street dogs of the city. As many others are also working on the same lines, we have decided to help them to prevent duplication and confusion. As such we have decided to collaborate with The Paws Foundation and the Assam Police. "

He informed that 50 kgs of food has already been sent to the Paws Foundation and 100 kgs more is ready for distribution. Also, many animal food companies have agreed to provide packaged food for the same. Dutta further mentioned that if required, cooking provisions along with supplies would also be provided.

DIG Bora supported the cause and welcomed every help and donation from the people of Guwahati.

Meanwhile, many organisations as well as individuals across the state were also seen taking such initiatives to feed the street animals alongside the poorer sections of society.

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