Assam: Pregnant Woman Stripped and Beaten in Burha Police Outpost

Monday, 30 November 2020

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Assam: Pregnant Woman Stripped and Beaten in Burha Police Outpost

G Plus News | September 17, 2019 14:19 hrs

GUWAHATI: A 2-month pregnant woman was allegedly stripped of her clothes and beaten mercilessly during an interrogation session at Burha Police Outpost in Darrang district on September 9. 

The woman was called in for interrogation from Guwahati along with two other women when the main accused in the case could not be found. The other two women were also stripped naked and beaten all through the night. 

The pregnant woman alleged that the OC of the police station,
Mahindra Sarma, hit the former in her private parts and a lady constable was also involved in the case. 

Based on a video report that has surfaced online, the woman informed that she repeatedly requested the police  not to hit her as she was pregnant, however, the officials did not listen to her and they continued to repeatedly hit her. 

The family members of the victim have demanded an investigation in the case. 

According to reports, the three women tried to register a case at Darrang police station. However, their case was not registered and the victims have also alleged that the OC Kumar has threatened to kill them if they try to register the case again. 

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