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Monday, 25 January 2021

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Assam's Delhi Alumni Association Proposes Suggestions for State Budget

G Plus News | March 02, 2020 19:33 hrs

GUWAHATI: The Delhi Alumni Association of Assam (DAAA) had presented certain suggestions and ideas to the Assam Finance Department for the proposed State Budget 2020-21.

The suggestions endeavour to cover important sectors such as Health, Education, Agriculture, Social Welfare, Citizen Services, Environment, Infrastructure, etc with the overall objective of creation of a progressive and a developed state of Assam.

1. A State Education Council for improvement of the Educati
on Sector  with the Education Minister as its Chairperson and representatives from various educational bodies, NGOs and prominent members of the public.

2. For development of Citizen Services and Public Welfare;

a) Setting up of Citizen Assistance Centers in cities and towns to provide information on matters of public interest, government schemes, receive public grievances and facilitate redressal, forward suggestions of citizens to the government on public welfare, etc. Preferably to create one centre for each Police Station jurisdiction.

b) For effective prevention of diseases and improved health of the citizens, sanitation and inculcation of healthy habits are most essential. Besides access to basic health services, people require clean drinking water, hygienic food and practice of healthy living habits, etc. 

c) Setting up of Pay and Use public convenience centers in towns and cities, along the State and National Highways, preferably at an interval of 50 km. 

d) Installation of automated traffic signal system to ease traffic congestion in the cities and towns. Need to create lay-byes for city buses, lay service lanes, enforce traffic discipline and create adequate parking facilities.

e) Development of necessary infrastructure to provide 100% cooking gas connection and 100% old aged pension.

3. Measure to reverse rural to urban migration: 

a) Improvement of road and rail connectivity.

b) Development of basic infrastructural requirements such as schools, hospitals, power supply, affordable housing and easy access to quality consumer goods.

c) Offer attractive incentives to the service sector and government officials to serve in rural areas.

d) Create incentives and financial facilities for investment and entrepreneurship in rural areas with special emphasis on women entrepreneurs.

4. For development of the Agriculture sector;

a) Setting up of Farm Producers and Marketing Corporation (FPMC) in each district HQ

b) To create a state centric Credit fund for local youth and farmers guaranteed by Govt. of Assam

c) Farm Mechanization beyond Tractors. 

d) Paddy procurement centre at all accessible locations to be monitored by Farm Producers and Marketing Corporation (FPMC) to get the full benefit of MSP.

e) To establish an effective system in collaboration with public and farmers for ensuring improved control on prices of essential commodities, especially perishable items such as vegetables, fruits etc through a detailed study of farm to market movement of such items.

f) Providing extended term loan to farmers to sustain newly established agricultural activities.

g) To encourage local youth to take up Dairy, Piggery, Fishery and Bird farming through necessary financial and institutional support.

5. Suggested improvement in the Financial Services:

a) Facilitating development through a more responsive financial system.

b) Revenue collections needs to be made easier, fair and transparent: a cue may be the steps initiated by agencies of the union government.

6. A Department of Environment be created for environmental pollution, garbage disposal, climate change, etc and for overall development of a Clean and Green Assam.


Assam's Delhi Alumni Association

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