Assam: Sivasagar District Administration Introduces Plastic Banks

Saturday, 30 May 2020

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Assam: Sivasagar District Administration Introduces Plastic Banks

G Plus News | October 18, 2019 18:13 hrs

GUWAHATI: The Sivasagar District Administration introduced several ‘Plastic Banks’ in the district on Friday, October 18. The banks were inaugurated by the Deputy Commissioner MS Lakshmi Priya in Sivasagar town’s Central Market.

According to reports, around 15 plastic banks have been installed by the Sivasagar Municipal Board which can also be used as a primary material recovery facility for plastic waste items.

These banks have been installed in 14 different locations of the town. They are as follows:

1. Central Market opposite Lakhmi cinema hall

2. Temple road opposite Damini Medical Store

3. Temple road opposite old Civil Hospital

4. DC office complex

5. Station Chariali market

6. ASTC bus station

7. J P Agarwalla Path opposite Nivedan

8. Babu Patty opposite LIC building

9. Hospital Road, GNG Path opposite Rasaraj Hotel

10. AT Road opposite 1-India Bazaar

11. Jengonikatia, near SP office in MI Road

12. BG Road, near ONGC market

13. Boarding Road opposite Natya Mandir

14. Sivasagar Shiva Temple area

It should be mentioned that Hailakandi is the first district in Assam to introduce plastic banks for the public to deposit plastic items which can later be sent for recycling. 


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