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Thursday, 03 December 2020

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Assam Taxi Associations Withdraw Road Blockage as Meghalaya issues Fresh Guidelines

G Plus News | October 29, 2020 11:10 hrs

GUWAHATI: The all Assam border road blockage that was announced by the various commercial passenger vehicle associations of the state on 29th October has been called off. 

About ten different commercial vehicle associations of Assam had come together to protest against the neighboring northeastern states’ rule of restricting entry of cabs from Assam citing the COVID-19 situation. 

However, after the Meghalaya Government issued a revised set
of protocols on 28th October, the protest has been withdrawn.

As per the revised draft guidelines, transport departments of both Assam and Meghalaya are to ensure unhindered movement of vehicles between the two states so as to minimize the inconveniences faced and the loss of revenue incurred. 

Subject to adherence to Covid-19 regulations and holding of legitimate permits and other documents, drivers and owners of tourist vehicles will be allowed to freely enter Meghalaya.

The fresh set of guidelines mention three categories of Covid-19 protocol to be followed by travelers:

1. For tourists: the person has to show the Covid-19 negative result of test, else he has to do the test at the entry point of Meghalaya.
2. For frequent visitors like drivers of tourist vehicles: they may take health card from Shillong or Byrnihat and as per protocol, they would have to undergo Covid-19 test every ten days.
3. For the people returning to Meghalaya from other states: they have to undergo Covid-19 test and have to remain in quarantine as per the existing protocol in Meghalaya.

The Additional Deputy Commissioner of Meghalaya however mentioned that no formal complaints were received regarding any kind of harassment or not allowing entry of vehicles from Assam into Meghalaya.

Talking to G Plus, president of All Assam Cab Operator Association (AACOA), Ismail Ali said, "The Meghalaya government has accepted our demands so we have put the protest on hold for now. But if untoward incidents occur during entry and there is harassment despite the new rules in place then we will be compelled to return to agitation."

"The other northeastern states have also assured us that similar guidelines will be issued to ensure unrestricted flow of traffic," he added.

The taxi associations were to undertake a ‘road blockage’ program at every entry gate of Assam, preventing vehicles from other northeastern states to enter the state.

The representatives of the various taxi associations will instead be meeting the Transport Commissioner today to discuss outer issues related to their operation.

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