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Assamese Mekhela Chador creates ripples in the global market

GPlus | August 31, 2016 22:38 hrs

Sanjukta Dutta of Guwahati, who is popularly known for her fashionable and exquisite range of customized and hand woven Mekhela Chador, has been showcasing unique varieties of the traditional outfits in fashion runways, in both State and National platforms. With the intention of popularizing the Mugaa and Paat Silk of Assam, she had recently showcased a culmination of the diverse culture and religion of Assam through her ensemble in the recent Lakme Fashion Week.  It is to be noted that, f

or the first time in the history of Lakme Fashion Week, Assamese tradition has been showcased in such a detailed and vibrant manner by a designer in such a magnificent platform.   During the Lakme Fashion week, Sanjukta showcased the very popular Assamese Mekhela Chador, with motifs based on the tranquility, integrity, unity, brotherhood, and the rich cultural heritage of Assam.    Sanjukta presented 12 sets of Mekhela Chador, which was designed in the form of a story to represent Assam. She titled her wardrobe collection as “Touch of Assam.”     The themes included Tea Gardens of Assam, Fauna of Kaziranga, Flora of North East, Weaving Culture of Assam, The Sutradhar (the narrator of Bhaona) theme, Co-existance of Religion in Assam, The Farmlands of Assam, Community Fishing in Assam, Cultural Richness of Assam, Scenic Beauty of Assam, Old Silk Tradition of Assam.       Sanjukta selected the White Mugaa as the theme for her collection, which was later designed to colorful attires in stark contrast.   Speaking about her wardrobe collection, Sanjukta said, “I wanted to portray Assam through my collection. Assam is full of beauty and culture. And, I wanted people to know these factors about Assam through my creations. Certain silk traditions of Assam seem to be lost now, which is why, in one of the Mekhela Chador set, I had worked upon traditional motifs such as Mogor Buta, Kingkhap Buta, and Mihi Buta.”     Leading Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu, walked down the ramp as the show stopper for Sanjukta Dutta. Bipasha Basu draped the Mekhela Chador set that displayed the theme ‘Cultural Richness of Assam.’ Bipasha, who looked ravishing in the red and white color Mekhela Chador, tweeted that the Assamese attire is much easier to drape than a saree. Speaking about this particular design, Sanjukta said, “The design displays the cultural pride of Assam. It has motifs of Bihu Nasoni, Dhulia, Jaapi, crafted on it. This particular design is my honest effort to bring Bihu, one of the most significant asset of Assam in the national market, through hand woven silk Mekhela Chador.”     Sanjukta’s journey   Not many people would quit a comfortable government job, to pursue their passion, but, Sanjukta did exactly that. Her journey from being an amateur to Lakme Fashion Week designer was not easy. However, her love for Mekhela Chador and her determination to bring it at par with Kanjivaram Silk and other such traditional outfits of the country, kept her pushing ahead.    Expressing her joy on the successful accomplishment at the fashion week, she said, “It’s not easy to display your creation at Lakme Fashion Week. One needs to go through multiple rounds before getting to showcase the designs. I am happy and proud at the same time, to be the first Assamese designer to represent Mekhela Chador at such a big and magnificent platform.”   With the noble efforts of Sanjukta Dutta, Assamese Silk Mekhela Chador has made it to the news in some of the reputed global fashion brands such as Elle India, Vogue, Grazia, and Femina.  
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