Bhanu is an outsider and people in Tezpur know it: R P Sarmah

Sunday, 24 February 2019

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Bhanu is an outsider and people in Tezpur know it: R P Sarmah

G Plus News | February 11, 2019 15:09 hrs

GUWAHATI: With former, top bureaucrat MGVK Bhanu joining Congress and his announcement of trying to get a ticket from Tezpur Lok Sabha constituency, the political wind has started blowing for this constituency. The incumbent Member of Parliament and BJP leader Ram Prasad Sarmah sounded confident when G Plus contacted him.

“Bhanu is most welcome to come and contest from Tezpur. Though it is his personal wish to join politics or any party, but whether he gets a ticket or not is what the Congress high command will decide. A good contestant gives a good fight and makes the election interesting for everyone,” said R P Sarmah.

“People of Assam are educated and knowledgeable and they know who will work for them. They also know how much work has been done by me in the past four-and-a-half years,” added Sarmah.

Speaking about Bhanu's base in Tezpur and his wish to work for the district, the BJP MP said that Bhanu was an outsider and that’s what will work against him.

“It's a known fact that he is from Andhra and he only worked here. Now to contest the election he has bought a house in Tezpur. If he wins, people who voted for him will have to go to his house in Andhra Pradesh. He is a retired person and so will spend his time in his home state,” said the BJP MP.


(L) R P Sarmah (R) MGVK Bhanu

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