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Tuesday, 19 January 2021

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Honking near Schools, Colleges, Hospitals Prohibited Under New Bus Rules

G Plus News | February 19, 2020 15:41 hrs

GUWAHATI: In recent days Regional Transport Authority, Kamrup has launched operations across the city against the violation of rules by the buses.

With this regards a series of terms and conditions have come up in consent with government officials and also bus associations.

Below are the new terms and conditions adopted by the Kamrup (M) administration for city bus operators.

1. The Bus will strictly follow the Route as per permit.

2. Route No., Route d
etails & Permit Route Number to be prominently displayed on front, back and left side of the City Buses as notified vide Notification NoTSTA/I4/2017 Dated Guwahati the 14th Feb, 2020.

3. Door of the City Buses must be dosed at the time of running.

4. The Door will be open only at the Bus Stoppages. The Bus would not move out of the parking slot / Bus lay bay, until both the doors are closed.

5. Rear Door shall be used to ingress and Front Side Door is kept for Exit from the Bus.

6. Time Card has to be maintained by the Associations.

7. The Buses will be allowed to wait only for one minute at a stop.

8. GPS device must Be Installed and activated in the Bus.

9. Police Whatsapp Complaint number must be displayed on the back side of the City Buses.

10.Ticket must be issued to the Passengers.

11.The Behavior of Driver / Conductor / Staff of the City Buses should be Polite

12.Left side Overtaking is totally prohibited. One Bus will not overtake another and helpful. Bus running on the same route.

13. Uniform must be worn by the staff of the City Buses.

14.Seat Belt use is Mandatory for the Driver of the City Buses.

15.Smoking by the staff and passengers is totally prohibited inside the City Buses.

16.0ver Loading of Passenger is prohibited.

17.Driving dangerously and Excessive Speed is Unlawful.

18.Unauthorized Parking of the City Buses is Unlawful.

19.Noise and Air Pollution is an offence.

20. Blowing Horn near notified areas i.e. School, College, Hospital, Educational Institute, etc, is prohibited.

21. Driving under influence of Alcohol by the staff is strictly prohibited.

22. In no case the Buses will divert from the route allowed in the Permit.

It is to be mentioned that violation of any of the above conditions will result in suspension / cancellation of Permit. 


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