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Blundering ‘vigilante’ arrested, jailed and bailed

GPlus | February 18, 2017 17:32 hrs

23-year-old Partha Pratim Boruah went ‘live’ on Facebook accusing the police of harassing him on the pretext of checking his vehicle’s documents in front of Shraddhanjali Kanan. According to him, the junior level police personnel who were on the job are not authorised to do so in the absence of a senior level officer. The police later, taking suo moto cognizance, registered a case and arrested Partha who was forwarded to court and the court sent him to judicial custody. Now wha
t exactly happened and why did the police register a case? G Plus looks into the incident. The incident According to a Geetanagar police official, the police always undertake security checking near Shradanjali Knan as there are many cases of vehicle theft reported in that area and so, on 12th February, a checking team was going through the motions there. The police said that there have been instances when people on bikes cannot furnish their documents saying that they had left those at home. They are thereafter asked to go home and fetch the documents and they never return; eventually it is found that the vehicle is a stolen one. So, from time to time, security checking keeps happening and the officer said that the junior level police personnel have the right to stop the vehicles and ask to see the license as it confirms the identity of the person driving the vehicle as also that of the vehicle owner. The police said that on 12th February the routine checking was going on and Partha’s bike was stopped. But initially he did not stop at the spot he was asked to. The police said that after he stopped, his bike’s key was taken away by one of the constables so that he doesn’t move away and he was asked to just show his licence. But according to the police he created a scene and started making a video accusing the police of harassing him and even abused the police. The police said that he was inciting other people there too against the police obstructing the on-duty police personnel in their work. So the Geetanagar police official said that a suo moto case was registered against him (case number – 46/17 under section 294/353 of IPC), where one is a bailable section (294) and other is a non-bailable section (353). Later, police arrested him from Mukesh Hyundai in Ganeshguri where he works. The police official said that he was forwarded to the court and the court sent him to judicial custody. Confirmation Trying to confirm if the junior level police personnel can check the license and other documents G Plus talked to the commissioner of police Hiren Nath who said that there are no issues when it comes to document checking and levying fines as it was a simple security exercise were the police personnel were checking the identity. This is nothing illegal. He said, “He (Partha) was absolutely wrong as firstly he was not wearing a helmet. When the police tried to stop him he did not stop and later he recorded a video abusing the police using words which cannot be used.” He said that Partha is not a juvenile and he is a 23-year-old working man and whatever he has done is a criminal activity as he did not abide by law. Instead, he was inciting people to go against the law. He also said that there was an SI level officer present at the site who was busy checking other vehicles and if there was a requirement of fining anyone he would have fined. He also said that because he was at fault the court sent him to judicial custody. G Plus also talked to Partha’s father Ajit Boruah who is also a police officer and he said that raising voice is everyone’s right. He said that the mistake was from both Partha and the police. He did not talk much but said that Partha got bail on 17th February and will be out of jail on 18th February. Partha’s close friend Shashanka Deka, talking to G Plus, said that Partha did the right thing but in a wrong way. So Partha Pratim Boruah will be out of jail but the question remains whether whatever he did was right or wrong. Stay updated on the go with GPlus News. Click here to download the app for your device.
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