Bodies of all victims, black box of AN-32 recovered

Friday, 05 June 2020

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Bodies of all victims, black box of AN-32 recovered

G Plus News | June 13, 2019 16:53 hrs

GUWAHATI: Bodies of all 13 victims and the black box of the AN-32 aircraft was recovered during the search and rescue operation on Thursday, June 13.   

Choppers would be used to ferry the bodies from the crash site in Arunachal Pradesh, reported ANI.

The Indian Air Force (IAF) said that no survivors were found at the crash site of the IAF AN-32 aircraft, which was located 16 km north of Lipo in Arunachal Pradesh.

It should be mentioned that a 15-member team of rescuers was airlifted on June 12 near the crash site to look for possible survivors of the crash.

Following are the air-warriors who lost their life in the tragic AN- 32 crash - W/C GM Charles, S/L H Vinod, F/L R Thapa, F/L A Tanwar, F/L S Mohanty, F/L MK Garg, WO KK Mishra, Sgt Anoop Kumar, Cpl Sherin, LAC SK Singh, LAC Pankaj, NC(E) Putali & NC(E) Rajesh Kumar.  


Crash site on AN-32

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