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Saturday, 24 October 2020

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Brakes screeching on car lifters, another operative arrested

GPlus | July 25, 2016 17:37 hrs

Basistha police made a breakthrough in the vehicle lifting case when a team of men in khaki nabbed one Ramesh Yadav from Dimapur on 16th July last. Yadav was an associate of notorious vehicle lifter Anil Chouhan, who was arrested in April 2015. Chouhan was suspected to assist the ‘kingpin’ of a countrywide network of vehicle lifters and Yadav had worked with Chouhan as a driver for around 10 years. It was after an extensive investigation and an elaborately laid trap that the car lift

er has been put behind bars. Yadav is also one of the receivers of stolen vehicles in Dimapur. Modus Operandi   Basistha police, after a through follow-up of suspected vehicle lifters, got their cue when they traced a vehicle that was being transported to Dimapur. Police traced the vehicle through its driver and his phone number and the IMEI number of his mobile phone. Meanwhile, another vehicle lifter named Lachit Basumatary, who was arrested from Kerela, was fielded by the police in order to trap other vehicle lifters. It soon came to light that the driver of the vehicle was accompanied by one Nazarul Ahmed and had checked into a hotel named Rajdhani Fort in Dimapur on 2nd July. However, the CCTV footage of the hotel could not be found. Thus the presence of Nazarul could not be traced. Meanwhile, Basistha police in association with Dimapur police kept track of the activities of the suspect’s phone and it soon came to light that Nazarul had checked into the hotel again the very next day. Police managed to procure the CCTV footage of the hotel and to find the phone number which Nazarul had registered while checking into the hotel. After tracing the calls made by Nazarul and the driver of the vehicle it was found that the two were in contact with each other the same day and another mobile number that was registered to one Victor Sumi was being used by Ramesh Yadav. The police then laid a trap with the help of Dimapur police and made a fake call to Yadav asking him to come and take delivery of a package. Yadav, enticed by the offer showed up, fell into the trap and was apprehended by the police.    Sources in the police mentioned that it was an in-depth investigation and several names came up after nabbing Yadav. The name of one Umo Osho, who is from Manipur, also surfaced and police made attempts to apprehend him too. However, he managed to flee.   Yadav’s background   Apart from being an associate of Anil Chouhan, Yadav has been convicted in several cases of vehicle lifting in several parts of Assam. In Guwahati too there are several cases against Yadav in various police stations like Gorchuk PS (case number 221/09), Panbazar (case number 181/14), Dispur (case number 663/15), Azara (case numbers 69/15 and 101/15). Police is hopeful of securing a major breakthrough in the vehicle lifting racket. Dimapur is one of the hubs where stolen vehicles are traded and sold back in the market after the vehicles are suitably altered. It was also informed that Kathkati Gate and Manda Gate are the two major points through which vehicles are transported to Dimapur.  In a breakthrough police nabbed one Ramesh Yadav - one of the prime receivers of stolen vehicles  Yadav was an associate of veteran vehicle lifter Anil Chouhan who was arrested in April, 2015 There are five different cases registered against Yadav in several police stations of Guwahati It was after a thorough follow-up of suspected vehicle lifters that the police managed to put Yadav behind bars Police got their cue when they traced a vehicle that was being transported to Dimapur It was after keeping track of several other associates of Yadav that police finally managed to lay a trap for him Another receiver, Umo Osho’s name came up while interrogating Yadav but Osho managed to flee It is expected that several other names involved in the racket will be revealed
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