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Broiler Chicken Prices Shoot Up in Guwahati

G Plus News | May 17, 2020 11:37 hrs

GUWAHATI: Non-vegetarians who want to their fair share of broiler chicken meat will now have to shell out more, as the kilogram rate of dressed chicken meat has gone up abruptly seemingly as per the convenience of certain outlets.

Earlier on May 11, as per government rates, the price of a kilo of dressed chicken stood at Rs. 260 and undressed broiler chicken was at Rs 170.

In the Ganeshguri market, dressed broiler chicken, which used to cost Rs 200 per kg, is now being sold at Rs 320 a kilo. The price of undressed broiler chicken has risen to Rs 220 per kg.

Speaking to G Plus, Secretary of the Poultry Association, Niren Das said, "The wholesale rate is Rs. 140 but the problem here is we are unable to let the birds grow big enough due to demand."

Earlier, the birds which used to weigh around 2-2.5 kgs are now being sold when they reach the weight of 1-1.5 kg, all due to demand for chicken. Apart from the reduction in weight, the survival of the birds also becomes a crucial factor. During the height of summer (April-June) their survival rate falls by 20 to 30 per cent.

Notably, in the initial lockdown period, with rumours spreading that broiler chicken can spread Coronavirus, a lot of chicks which were supposed to be raised were asked to be killed thereby impacting the supply chain now.

Meanwhile, the state government has given permission to procure chicken from Assam's neighbouring state of West Bengal. However, this would impact local business, lamented Niren Das.

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