Carcasses of stray dogs found in the city
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Carcasses of stray dogs found in the city

G Plus News | May 10, 2019 16:21 hrs

GUWAHATI: Days after the news of a seemingly mad stray dog biting around 50 people in Guwahati came to light, a number of stray dogs have been found dead in various localities of the city.

The dogs have been suspected to be poisoned/killed by miscreants, thereby evoking concern and anguish among animal lovers and animal rights activists.

The first such incident was reported on the night of May 8, when a puppy was found dead at Chandmari.


“The people who've been posting such incidents on social media are animal lovers so I'm pretty sure these incidences have actually happened. In the absence of a proper system to carry out immediate post-mortem surgery of such animals in the city, we are not sure whether those dogs died due to poisoning,” said Dr Sasanka Sekhar Dutta, an official of Just Be Friendly (JBF).

He further added that it is a common tendency among people to kill stray dogs by poisoning their food if an attack by such animal is reported.

However, the incidents have been condemned by animal lovers who have taken to social media platforms like Facebook to urge the citizens to pick up and safely dispose any suspicious food items, which may be easily available to stray dogs, as a cautionary measure.


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