Cattle smuggling flourishing in Guwahati, allege livestock traders
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Cattle smuggling flourishing in Guwahati, allege livestock traders

G Plus News | June 10, 2019 18:10 hrs

GUWAHATI: Members of the All India Livestock Traders and Transporter Association (AILTTA) alleged the existence of a cattle smuggling syndicate in Assam and Guwahati.

They alleged that members of the syndicate transport livestock illegally to Bangladesh through Assam and West Bengal borders.     

Members of AILLTTA held a press meet on Monday June 10 and said that in Assam, cattle are brought in trucks from Srirampur in the state to 9 Mile- which is a hub of cattle market in Kamrup (Metro).


Livestock transporters said that this is a big nexus which has been ongoing for the past ten years and also involves politicians and the police.  

“We have raised our voice against the cattle syndicate in the past a number of times but to no one pays heed,” Munna Saikia, general secretary of AILTTA told G Plus.   

They added that they had informed the government authorities about the illegal cattle smuggling activities which are ongoing in the state.

Saikia mentioned that after their complaint, the state government had also initiated an enquiry into the matter last year, but nothing came of it.

“Ever since we have raised this issue, members of our association have received warning and even death threats from people involved in cattle smuggling,” Saikia further added.


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