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Wednesday, 27 January 2021

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Centre Urges Supreme Court to Regulate Digital Media Before TV

G Plus News | September 17, 2020 15:39 hrs

In an affidavit given by the Central Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to the Supreme Court of India, the Centre has urged the apex court to regulate digital media by laying down guidelines before regulating electronic media or TV.

“While in a mainstream media, the publication/telecast is a one-time act, the digital media has faster reach from a wider range of viewership/readership and has the potential to become viral,” said the Centre.

“Considering the serious impact and the potential, it is desirable that if this Hon'ble Court decides to undertake the exercise, it should first be undertaken with regard to digital media as there already exists sufficient framework and judicial pronouncements with regard to electronic media and print media,” the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting added in the affidavit.

The central government also requested SC to appoint an Amicus Curiae, a friend of the court or a citizens' panel, to assist the court in deciding upon the guidelines.

The affidavit was submitted in regard to a case against a private channel Sudarshan TV over a program that alleged a conspiracy of Muslims infiltrating government services.

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