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City cops rescue Adishri in 14 hours flat

GPlus | August 27, 2016 19:38 hrs

The kidnapping case of a Grade 2 student of Delhi Public School, 8-year-old Adishri Dutta came as a rude shock for Guwahatians on 25th August but the next morning her parents as also the concerned city folk were relieved by the news that the city police had safely rescued the minor from the abductors. Outgoing commissioner of police, Mukesh Agrawal, talking to media said that the investigation was totally scientific and technical and the entire city police put in more than 100% to solve the case
. The police was happy that the child was rescued safely and on top of that the criminals were also arrested. But how did police solved the case in a mere 15 hours? What was the operation and what were the kidnappers’ plans? G Plus details the entire story.  The incident   Adishri Dutta went missing from the gates of the Indraprastha Apartments in Jayanagar area near NERIM on Thursday afternoon. She had gone out with the domestic help after which both went missing. Adishri's parents filed a complaint with the city police suspecting abduction. The CCTV cameras installed at the apartment complex captured the maid, identified as Rumi Das, taking Adishri out of the complex. Rumi was seen talking on her mobile while going out of the complex. The CCTV footage, according to police, showed that both went out at 12.26 pm sharp. Both parents, Diganta Dutta and Aminakshi Dutta, are medical practitioners and were away at work while Adishri remained at home as schools were closed on Thursday for Janmashtami, said the police. Other children at the apartment said that they saw Adishri with Rumi going out for ice-cream. According to police, at around 1.40 pm, Adishri’s father reached home from GNRC hospital and was not able to find Adishri. He called up all his relatives and on not being able to get any clue about the child reached Dispur Police Station at 2.30 pm. The DCP Crime, Luis Aind and ADCP East District, Bibekananda Das were already present in the police station and after getting the information immediately started working on the case.  Police action   As Jayanagar falls under Basishtha Police Station, Diganta had to lodge an FIR there but after the police received the missing complaint at Dispur Police Station they immediately swung into action and alerted the entire city police information system. The police visited the Indraprashtha Apartments and collected whatever evidence they were able to gather including the CCTV footage. They alerted the police of the neighbouring districts and the neighbouring states and in the meanwhile collected the CDR (Call Detail Records) of Rumi Das. A highly placed source in the police said that the major obstacle for the police was that Adishri’s parents did not have any information about Rumi. They did not even know her address and Rumi just had one phone which was switched off. Within one hour the police got the CDR and after analysing the various numbers contacted by Rumi Das also got the CDRs of the other frequently contacted numbers. Police then sent many units across the city and after analysing all the CDRs it surfaced that Rumi Das was moving towards Nalbari- Barpeta side. The city police units, especially the Crime Branch and the Basistha Police, rushed towards Mukalmua and Rampur. The phone locations of all the suspects were traced continuously and finally they zeroed in on the suspects being at Khudra village in Bamonbari under Sarthebari police station in Barpeta District. Finally at 2.30 am the city police team with Barpeta police swooped in on Anwar Hussain’s house there and found Adishri sleeping on the floor. The Crime Branch police team had strict instructions that the safety of the girl was of utmost importance and if required, to allow the abductors to flee so to save the life of the girl. But the team not only rescued the girl without a scratch but also arrested the three accused Rumi Das, her friend Nirmal Kalita and the shelter provider Anwar Hussain. The city police team brought the girl with the three arrested accused to Basistha Police station where she was handed over to her parents. Meanwhile, the team had asked the Barpeta Police to arrest the other suspects namely Pinku Ahmed, Md. Lokman Ali (a Madrassa school teacher) and Md. Danish Ali (a local Congress member).    The involvement and the modus operandi    Police is still investigating the case. Sources in the police said that Rumi Das belongs to Tihu and in spite of being married and having three children she has some kind of relation with Nirmal Kalita. Nirmal and Rumi planned the kidnapping and were contemplating asking for a huge ransom. Meanwhile, they were also in talks with Pinku, Danish and Lokman Ali to help them in the crime. After taking the child from the apartment for having ice cream, Rumi told her that they will go and see the Saraighat Bridge. Nirmal was ready with a cab at Jayanagar and three of them went to Mukalmua where Danish was expected to give them shelter. But he refused perhaps because the news was already out and had gone viral. So they went to Rampur but did not get shelter there either. So finally, they went to Anwar Hussain’s place at Sarthebari. The police source said that the girl was supposed to be shifted from that location the very next day morning with the morning azan. Rumi, after being arrested talking to G Plus, said that the teacher (Lokman Ali) had asked her to commit the crime which means he was the mastermind. There are also reports that Lokman Ali is a linkman of rebel organizations like NDFB (S) but the police is still investigating that angle. The cab driver, which media reports suggest is of an Ola cab, is missing and Nirmal Kalita, talking to G Plus after being arrested, said that it was a Maruti Alto cab and they had hired it. He said the driver was not known to him but police is searching for the driver. Police said that it was a crime for ransom and not for trafficking but the question that remains is how can an educated family of doctors not verify the maid before entrusting the child to her care.    Timeline: Abduction to arrest    12.26 pm – Rumi Das comes out of Indraprastha Apartments in Jayanagar area with Adishri Dutta 12.30 pm – Rumi Das boards the Alto car at Jayanagar Chariali with Adishri. Nirmal Kalita was already waiting in the car 1.40 pm – Adishri’s father reaches home and on not finding Adishri and the maid starts calling relatives  2.30 pm – Adishri’s father Diganta Dutta reaches Dispur Police Station and informs the police that Adishri is missing 2.45 pm – Rumi Das reaches Mukalmua seeking shelter from Danish 3.00 pm – Police reaches Indraprastha Apartments and starts collecting evidence; also alerts all city and neighbouring district and state police 4.00 pm – Police receives CDR of Rumi’s phone and police units launch a manhunt across the city  7.00 pm – Police ends analysing all the CDRs and starts tracking the suspects 8.00 pm – Police comes to know that the suspects with the victims are moving towards Nalbari and Barpeta area 8.30 pm – City police alerts Barpeta police and teams of city police leave for Barpeta 10.30 pm – Police reaches Mukalmua and finally the police comes to know that the suspects and the victim are at Sarthebari  11.00 pm – Police talks to the local police and gathers information about the suspect’s village and the house owners 12.00 am – Police encircles the Khudra village in Sarthebari and studies the movement of the suspects 2.20 am – Police zeroes in on Anwar Husssain’s house and rescues Adishri safely; also arrests Rumi Das, Nirmal Kalita and Anwar Hussain   Police rescues young Adishri within a span of 14 hours       
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