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Wednesday, 05 August 2020

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City School Textbook confuses Assamese Script for Bengali

G Plus News | May 20, 2020 17:00 hrs

GUWAHATI: Concerned guardians of students of Axel Public School have raised question regarding a major mistake printed in the school's textbook. In the class VII textbook 'Vyakaran Nidhi-7', it has been mentioned that the script (Lipi) for the Assamese language is “Bengali.”

At a time when Assamese society at large is on a boil to secure their language and identity, and have been trying to establish its own unique code in the Unicode Consortium, the discrepancy found in the book has not been taken lightly by the parents.

Uttam Teron, activist and founder of Parijat Academy, speaking to G Plus said, "This is not acceptable and the school should have corrected it. This will be imparting wrong knowledge to the children."

"Many books are usually published by non-Assamese entities who do not know or overlook such mistakes, that are however of great concern to us," added Teron.

G Plus tried to reach out to the management of Axel Public School, where the book is a prescribed textbook, to explain its stand on the issue. However, repeated attempts to elicit a response went in vain as no school authority including its principal deigned to offer a reply on the same.

Bibhuti Rajbongshi, Accountant of Axel Public School, acting as the spokesperson said, "I have talked to the management and was asked to inform that there might be some misprint in books published this year. Given the lockdown, the school just got the books delivered and directly dispersed it to the students. Also, the school is not conducting classes as of now, so the teachers could not be checked with."

"The management has said that currently COVID-19 should be the major concern and such issues can be cleared later," added Rajbongshi.

The said book is published by New Saraswati House (India) Pvt. Ltd which has its corporate head office at New Delhi and has a branch at Guwahati as per its website.


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