CM Sarbananda Sonowal’s poster for Ambubachi Mela defaced with “red spit stains"

Friday, 24 January 2020

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CM Sarbananda Sonowal’s poster for Ambubachi Mela defaced with “red spit stains"

G Plus News | June 24, 2019 22:57 hrs

GUWAHATI: Adding to Guwahati’s canvas of red, a poster of Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal was defaced with red spit stains. This photo was captured at Bora Service, Guwahati.

With the Ambubachi Mela currently underway, several posters and banners featuring the CM have been put up across the city inviting people to attend the grand celebrations. However, the CM too has become a victim of a problem that has plagued Guwahati for a very long time. 

Several other landmark structures in Guwahati have also previously been defaced with paan-guthka stains

This is another example of how the problem of spitting has not really been tackled by the administration, the onus of which primarily lies on the citizens.

Traditionally, people have resorted to putting up photos of gods and holy deities to stop bystanders/passersby from spitting. However, this did not stop anyone from defacing the banner, which also featured an outline of the Kamakhya Temple. 

A concerned citizen speaking to G Plus said, “People have lost all civic sense. I don’t understand how people are willing to dirty their city and then not even make an effort to clean it let alone appreciate anyone who makes an effort to keep it clean. I think it is high time that the administration enforces some strict rules against spitting.”


Image of the stains

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